Virtual reality 

I was in the middle of the ocean current, the odd thing about it is, the depth of the water is only about 1 metre and I can see all the see creature clearly. I can even put my hand in and catch the fish, as I show this to my wife. I can scoop a few small fish,  and let it go again. I can see a few small turtle moving and swimming with the current. That’s the end of that part.


I took Wenda to gymnastics class, she did something new today. Walking on the mat with stretched arms going forward and backwards. Then balance with arms stretched and lifting one leg and hold, then swap to another leg. The other class actually attempt to walk backwards with stretched arms. 

Self relaxation 

The Goal achiever book stressed that Repetition is the law of learning. You will need to read the book again and again to make sure you learnt it well. It goes on explaining how the subconscious mind is in every cell of your body.

To quote from George Bernard Shaw : some people see things as they are and ask “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and ask “Why not?”

The relaxation method steps introduced by the book are:

  1. Write the outrageous goal, the more outrageous the better.
  2. Record the Goal in relaxation tape.
  3. Listen to the relaxation tape daily and refined the Goal and re-recorded this back into the relaxation tape.

One thing to note is never to change the Goal, you can change the date and the plan.

To end this summary with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt :”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Gone Fishing 

I was found fishing with my brother in law Siong and Hui was there too. We are just using the fishing line and bait to catch the fish without any hook. There are also another bunch of people that came along. I manage to catch a fish and so does Hui. She was so happy when she did that.

Then I was walking around and stumble across a tiny hook. So I was wondering why we didn’t use it. So Hui came along to, it turned out that the hook was part of the bigger fishing net to catch crab. And when Hui try to take it off me some of the hook almost catch on to my hand, so I had to asked her to slow down to let me unhook my hand. Then I woke up.

The Goal achiever 

The Goal achiever book start of by asking you to set the big, outrageous goal for yourself. The goal needs to be big and you need to want it. You don’t have to justify it to anyone, and you don’t even have to justify it to yourself.

Life is about the journey to the top and the enjoyment you experience to get there.

It goes on explaining that the things we want is always there, we just have to find it, to become aware of it. Take for example the law of nature, gravity. Newton didn’t invent the law of gravity or motion. It is always there since the beginning, he is the one that become aware of it.

Old friend catchup 

I was having an exam? And so does Adeline. She seems to have finished first, so I tried to chase her for a quick catch up. Finally I get to her while she was shopping  for something, and she need to go back urgently. She had a baby that she put in the child care, she need to pick her up. 

I hold the baby,asked her about free questions, she was adopted? Can’t be too sure. She said if she didn’t pick her up on time, the will drop her in the centre.

I was walking around at some point in the future looking at student doing their home work in electronics. I thought I spotted JK, who is doing some assignment with his partner. But it wasn’t. And then I woke up.

Alternate ending

I was in different movie stories, it was a suspense thriller movie. There was 3 people including myself. One of them is Peter Szy, a girl who looks like star in fast and furious. We are solving how she died or pretend to die. It involved some silver infection to the blood stream. In the first ending, the girl died, the mystery not solved. We can change the ending by introducing another character into the movie. So it was collaborative effort to trick the audience. In one ending, all the character was called in one at a time and the plot against the last one, he is the one that will die to protect the secret of others. In another ending,we manage to save everyone, but then they run up to the wall and disappear, leaving me trapped in the building as I can’t jump through the wall.

Then there was the making scene of the movie, how the set was constructed, the fake water tap, which doesn’t looks real to me, the pits in the room that was filled with water. Then I had to wake up.