Late assignment

I am back to school, with some mate from secondary, some work colleague as well. So we had electronic assignment which are way over due. It seems that I know how to do it, quite simple just voltage divider using some potentiometer. Then we need to set up some sort of permission using chmod. And the teacher is quite upset because it is long overdue. I don’t have permission to set the permission. So I had to get someone to set my permission first.

Playing host

For some reason, I am hosting Minawaty’s visit, catch up with her hubby and finding out he is in export business. There are a few packages that he sent. But I can’t remember the details

Punching people

I was going around with Jamie, and we saw some ego maniac in a car with a bunch of his mate. Jamie punch the crap out of the driver. But he is still manage to run, then Jamie jumped into their car trying to smash it on a wall or something. Then there is a second person that is also as annoying. So Jamie punch him too, and hit his head against the first.

Buying painting

I went to a gallery of some sort with James. Then carefully selected one painting, which is a black and white illustration of a scenery. Paid $15 for it, and have a chat with the painter. He told me that he never saw me before, and chat a bit more about how to paint. And he showed me some more paintings, from which I bought another one for $24.