Just came back talking to one of the CommBank lenders. I can borroy up to 210K for investment loan, that is assuming that I got 4% rental income from the property. He even said I can borrow up to 100% it I want to combine the property and make it an equity. But this one is not so good I think, better play it save.

Completed The Matrix – Path of Neo

Quite a piece of game, this is what Enter the matrix should have been. Nicely done, according to the movie, level not annoyingly too difficult, fun while mastering the skills. And lots of humour especially the narative of the creator towards the end. And secret level with matrix cow. I also like the part where they put the rendering cinematic error, quite funny especially with the guy with neo’s robe stuck on his head.

Shopping Spree

Yeah, boxing day time for shopping, I bought a new rice cooker, a pair of shoes for Mom, a wallet to replace my old one, and a few bowl, and I also bought a kettle for Hap. This is all done in Myer Chaddy. I went there this morning at about 8:30, gosh it is packed with people, I also bought myself a new wallet, the old one is kinda ruin. Then after lunch my Mom and I went to city to continue, we bought another set of plates from Freedom.
I also booked my ticket back to Medan on 25th March and coming back on 14th April. Sure my credit card bill will burn next month.

Merry Christmas

Nice, Christmas is a time to reflect. Anyway but I would like to say I get my VPN to work, after compiling the kernel numerous times, finally I found that the config for mppe never get turned on. So this is like Christmas gift to me. And my gf is coming on 30th, another Christmas present, yahoo.
Boxing day to day, so I will be shopping till I drop in chaddy, the list is quite long, new wallet, bowl, more toys, thinking about lcd tv too, probably plane ticket as well.

Jackie in Bike race

I was in backstage where people having a race. Jackie was in the race, and one of the opponent is the bad guy, and he is planning to cheat using two bike for the race instead of one. He had the otherone standby at the back. I was trying to stop him but failed, so I watched the race going around in the arena, and during the last lap, the bad guy was swapping his bike. Jackie almost lost because his bike was broken, towards the finished line, so he had to run trying to finished the game. Somehow the whole thing become like a baseball game, where people/bike run from one position to the other. In the end he still win, because he is the first to pass the finished line, and he also score the highest from the judge.

Tiny Pool table

I was window shopping with a friend, it might be Utuh, and he noticed a pool table was upside down. With the permission of the owner we turned it back up. And the next thing I knew I was shooting a square ball into the hole. Some how Bruce was there and he start setting it differently so I can test my skill. The is magic involved, and the master transporting us to different table, and the next thing I know, it was a big snooker table with lots of obstacle. I passed most of it, until the last one, where the point of reference was a highway sign further from the arena, and I missed the shot. Ingan was somehow upset about it, and he was arguing with Cut. Not sure how they get there.

Sharon’s Dinner

Sharon called for dinner, and I just came back from it, it is in Kum Den. Apparently it is her birtday last friday, I think. It is a nice one with fried flounders, sizzling pork, then peking duck with mushroom and vegetable, Chicken ribs and Japaneese tofu. One of the highlight of the conversation is when Sharon commented about this Euroasian DJ, she was hiring for one of the function, and when some one asked what it is, I casually commented, “a mix of kangaroo and … pork”. Then Gary commented that asian is not pig, but can’t find any better match of the word. Sleepy now got to go to bed for tomorrow need to go to consulate to renew my passport.

Sofian Moving

I helped Sofian moved to his new house this morning by staying overnite yesterday. The new place is pretty good, he is quite happy with it. The kitchen stove is gas, and living room is huge, 3 bedroom upstairs. The only thing is it is far from the station or any public transport. The moving was quite fast, takes only an hour, and the guy was shocked when sofian tips him $25.

Gary move to Von’s place

Gary asked me to help him move, but funnily when I arrived at 9:30 this morning, the removalist is already done unpacking all of stuff. Hap is moving tomorrow so I will stay at his place tonite and help him move tomorrow. Hap’s auntie is here with Yuni at the moment, she is here for her son Michael’s graduation.

Wierd Funeral

I was in a funeral of someone, I think someone without family, so after the formal things, we went to the back where the MC would chant some more to make sure the spirit pass over or something. But because I was a representative of somesort I had to be in the ceremony, and while the MC chant stuff one by one, he stuff some wetted cotton to my mouth asking me not to drop the water. I’m like what the heck, but I followed. Then suddenly there is a bunch of people walked passed, and one of them happened to know my late Granpa, so we greeted each other, it seems that she lost his son. I turn and look at the coffin next to the guy, it is not a strong coffin, and suddenly it moved, and break open, the dead body was coming to life. The wierd thing is the coffin is filled with potatoes to cover the body. Anyway, my late Grandpa were there, he seems like an expert in this sort of thing.

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