What is Redox Signalling Molecules


Redox Signalling Molecules are made inside our cells and are responsible for the chemical reactions and biological messages that protect, repair and replace our cells. The very first Redox Signalling Molecule was identified in 1998 by three researchers who were awarded a Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology for this important discovery.

Redox Signalling Molecule are vital to your immune system and to the cellular healing mechanism of your body. A proper supply of Redox Signalling Molecules enables cellular healing throughout your body. As you age, your cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules and your body’s ability to combat everyday ailments and the effects of ageing diminishes. In order to keep the cellular mechanisms of your body performing properly, it is essential that you supplement and replenish these Redox Signalling Molecules.

In summary Redox Signalling Molecule is like turning back our cellular clock.

So what is ASEA?

ASEA is the first and only product in the world that contains Redox Signalling Molecules, a fact that makes this product revolutionary and a new category creator.

ASEA’s proprietary process produces life-giving redox signalling molecules. These molecules support communication at the cellular level, improving the healthy, youthful appearance of skin.

This makes ASEA completely different than other health and wellness products in the world. All others introduce substances that are foreign to the body, that cause this or that reaction. ASEA is

perfectly native to the body. When you drink ASEA, your body recognises it, knows what to do with it, and puts it to work immediately to speed health and healing to your cells.

Your body knows how to take care of itself. ASEA simply provides more of the tools your body already uses to maximise your health.

ASEA for Dental Health

DID YOU KNOW that according to the American Dental Association and numerous scientific studies, many common diseases have been associated with poor dental health? It is not only the gums and teeth that benefit from good oral health but also the brain, heart, lungs, and pancreas.

DO YOU KNOW that some people brush their teeth or rub their gums with RENU 28? Many ASEA users hold ASEA in their mouths for a while before swallowing. Not only does this help redox molecules absorb quickly into the system, but it also supports healthy oral tissue.

Recently, 3 Dentists collaborated on a webinar specifically about ASEA and oral health. If this subject interests you, listen to Dr. Lee Ostler (DDS), Dr. Bill Williams (DDS), and Dr. Grant Rodkey (DMD)


Amazing recovery from the life threatening brain disease

Diego, was diagnosed with a rogue brain disease. The doctors have given him a poor prognosis and a short time frame to get his affairs in order.

Sometimes he have seizures daily.

Listen to his amazing recovery from the disease after someone introduce him to ASEA.

Watch how his life have turn around for the better. He even try to go back to the old method of mediation, but it doesn’t bring him any results.

The story of ASEA

The story of ASEA. Before you stand by a company you always want to know the story behind the founder. Whether their core value resonate with you, whether they have a vision that you can support. You also want to know whether their conduct are something that you can support.

Listen to the following story of ASEA where the founder have choose to share the discovery to the world for the greater good then to sell it to make a wealthy profit.