Eat the Fly

Today when James is in the bathroom, he yelled out there is a spider, so I go to check it out, and find out that it is not a spider but a fly instead. So I decided to slap it with a rolled up advert paper those one that came regularly in your mail box as junk.
So after a few smack here and there I finally manage to nail down the fly and to my surprise, James said “Daddy, I don’t want to eat the fly.”
To which I replied, “it is OK, I am not asking you to eat it.

Still too small

I was washing some dishes, and James like to come and watch what I am doing, so he bring his stool closer and step up so that he can see what I am doing.
So I asked, “James, would like to help me cleaning the dishes?”, to my surprise he replied “No, Daddy I am still too small.”