The Return Journey from Koh Si Chang

I was back at the Koh Loi pier, and decided to take a walk around, looking at the souvenier shop, then I was right next to the Goddess of Mercy shrine, so I decided to enter, but unfortunately I don’t have any more small change, and besides it was almost 5 PM, so I decided to head back, along the way I was looking for motorbike driver, but none seems to notice me, and eventually there is tuk tuk that understand what I want. So I hop on, and on the way he grab an envelop given by someguy in a car, seems like something dodgy. Anyway he drop me back at the bus stop, and I asked him how much, he told me 50 Baht, so I just paid him.

Then I walk to the bus stop, and looking at the bus, there is no mention about Bangkok, and the guys asked me where do I want to go. I told him Ekamai station Bangkok, and he told me to hop on the van. So I did, and it was cramped to the max like the others. Eventually some passenger get off, and the lady who took the fare told me that I can move to the front when the guy in yellow shirt get off. Then eventually she asked me where I want to go, and I said Ekamai, she doesn’t seems to understand, and the guy sitting next to me asking me whether I understand Japaneese, I told him I didn’t. Then I move to the front, and she said something to the guy, who kindly offered to show me the way, the lady explain that thevan only goes to Bang Na, not to Ekamai, so I said ok and paid him 100 Baht for the fare.

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Koh Si Chang

So eventually the ferry arrived in Koh Si Chang. I didn’t expect there are so many oil tanker scattered around between Koh Loi and the island. It seems like there are massive exploration is going on. Once we disembarked, there are hordes of people offering sight seeing services, tuk tuk, motorbike rental, so on.

I told them no, but two of them keep following me offering service, so I stop and have a look at what she is offering. It was motorbike rental for 250 Baht until 6:30 PM, but I am hungry, and besides I don’t know how to ride motorbike properly, so I said, I will find something to eat first and then I will get back, so she gave me her number. The other guy still offering the tuk tuk service, and I said no, and eventually he get it. So I started strolling around the main road towards the temple at the mountain. I saw some stall selling vegetables, and one selling meat bun for 10 Baht, so I stop by to grab one. Then continue off, and eventually I saw one local restaurant on the right, so I stop by to see what is on the menu, and I asked for 2 vegetable, the guy seems to understand, and I walk in and have a seat. It was quite hot but the restaurant was full of fan blasting all over. So not bad, the food was quite good, it was deep fried eel and some chicken curry. I paid 35 Baht when I finished. And I continue my walk towards the temple, starting to think whether I should head back to get the motorbike, but then it wasn’t that far, the stairs looks a bit daunting, but It didn’t take me that long to get up there. I paused to drop some coin donation, and then I get some joss stick and candle for the offering. What unique about the temple is that It have magnificent view over the pier, and overlooking to the main island, and also I was build around the cave, and in the cafe painted with gold was the statue, and if walk to the right, up the stairs there were two more shrines, and the main one was the shrine of Mongkey King. Continue reading

Journey to Koh Si Chang

I trigger my adventurous side with last minute planning to Koh Si Chang. Armed with all the info that I can gather, I jump on BTS to Ekamai. Easter terminal wasn’t that hard to find, it is just located next to one of the exit. This one looks more neat compare to Victory Monument.

I walked passed a few guys offering service of some sort, went inside and look for Si Racha. There it was on the big window glass at the top, with some writing that indicate the cost of 110 or something. So I walked to the window, the lady was in the next window asking me to come to her window. I asked for one ticket to Si Racha, and she indicated it is 130 baht. Ok, I though the price might have gone up. So I paid the fare, and she indicated that I need to go to the back where the bus is waiting. So I went, and there is a guy indicating me to follow him, and he pointed me to jump on the van. I just realise why it was more expensive, it wasn’t the bus, but the van. Oh well, I was in. It wait for a few more minutes, by then it was almost 10 am. It depart exactly when the big bus next to us was departing too. I though that might be the bus that I want, but it went the opposite direction where we went. So I carefully check my GPS every now and again, it seems that we are going in the right direction. Continue reading

5th and the last stop Wat Maha that

On the way To Wat Sri Shan Pet, we passed a bunch of tourist riding on elephant, there was also an elephant show nearby. This last temple was famous of the Bhuddha nestled in the roots of a fig tree. This is actually located on the left side of the whole temple. I didn’t expect the temple to be big, as this was not mention anywhere, but again, walking around and admiring it’s glorious past is mind boggling.

On the back wall there are rows of Bhuddha images, but most of them are destroyed or missing parts due to the destruction. The enterance fee for this one is also 50 baht for foreigner.

This conclude my visit to the temples of Ayutthaya, I wish I get to visit more, but the one I had visited is probably the highlight, not a bad trip for a day trip from Bangkok. Tuk tuk cost me 300 baht, the transport back and forth from Bangkok cost me 60 baht one way, so 120 baht for the round trip. All the temple visits combined cost me 190 baht. All together 510 baht for the trip, and add another 70 baht for the BTS trip from Ploen Cit to Victory monument.

4th stop Wat Phra Sri San Phet

This temple cum palace is huge, build in 14th century it was surrounded by brick walls, some side was broken. The enterance fee on this one is 50 baht also. There is a dodgy guy who collect back the ticker after you enter. Probably to be sold again on the side. Anyway. I circulate the magnificent ruin again starting from the right hand side, while taking snapshot along the way.

3rd stop is Wat Lokkayasutharam

Then we went back to the ancient city, and I asked the driver where is our next stop, and he confirm we had 3 more places to go, the next one coming up is Wat Lokkayasutharam. This is a reclining Bhuddha with the temple ruin at the back. There is no enterance fee on this one, but I had to buy the joss stick and flowers as the offering for 20 baht. After lighting up the candle, I did some prayer and put the joss stick and the flowers. Then took some pictures of the reclining Bhuddha, have a quick pick at the ruin of the temple at the back. Then head back to my ride on to the next destination.

2nd stop is Wat Chai Watthanaram

Located again outside the city in on the western side of from the river. It took us almost 20 minutes to get there. Not as many tourist in sight on this one, the ruin is magnificent. The remnants of it’s glorious passed still emanating. I circle around from the right hand side, but the back was closed due to renovation. You are not allowed to get into most of the inside due to the renovation that is going on. Then I cicled back to the left, and there it was the entrance to the temple, with 2 statue of Bhuddha one after another.


The enterance fee to this one is 50 baht for foreigner.

First stop Wat Phanan Chong Pier

The tuk tuk, cruse out from the city and turn around, to the temple by the river. Wat Phanan Chong Pier. Entry fee 20 baht for foreigner. I bought some joss stick for another 20. Have a quick prayer and went in to see the enormous Bhuddha in the temple in it’s full glory. It certainly a sight to see.

On the way in I put the gold paper on one of the Bhuddha in the entrance.


Ayutthaya, the ancient city

I decided to get adventurous to get to Ayutthaya. So I jump on bts and get to victory monument station. Then get down and asked for Ayutthaya van. The guy pointed to the fist van. So I hopped on. Driver asked for 60 baht. An hour later I arrived in the city, opposite to market.
Following advise I haggle for tuk tuk to go to 5 places. We settle for 300 baht, for 2 hours.