Open Water Certification

Day 3 diving in Koh Chang started with a trip to the wreck. Due to the fact it is too deep for Open water diver, only the advanced diver are allowed to dive in the wreck. So I started my day with snorkeling. This is the second time I am snorkeling, it seems quite fun especially with the fin and the scuba technique to clear your mask :).

There seems to be some substance in the water that sting your skin, but what the heck I snorkel around the wreck, you can see the highest part of the ship from the surface, it was quite amazing, this ship was sunk especially for the diving enjoyment and it is the biggest wreck in Thailand.

The we had lunch, and started the third dive. The CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent) technique take 2 times for me to did it correctly. The main issue is not to open your mouth so the water doesn’t get in. Then we had a bit of the fun dive. Followed by using a compass. I was to swim with snorkel without looking at the surface and only looking at the compass towards a certain point for about 20 kick cycle, and then swim back.

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Diving in koh Chang day 2

After the confinement water session yesterday, I was out in the open water.
The feeling was mixed.
I was expecting much clearer visibility. On the first site, it wasn’t so. And the fish are all smaller than what I expected.
After lunch I was asked to circle around the boat 4 times and float for 10 minutes.
Boy the training in swimming pool certainly paid off.
Second dive is better. I had better control on my buoyancy. But I still need to work on the control of natural buoyancy.

Koh Chang

I started early in hoping to be able to catch 6:45 am bus from Ekamai station. But it turn out that the earliest bus is at 7:45 am. Oh well,  so I should have slept in a bit more. So I grab some pork floss bread from 7-11, and wait till the bus depart.
The bus is quite nice and cozy, it traveled to airport to pick up few more passengers,  then stop by Chon buri for refueling.

Lapis Legit

Lapis Legit (spekoek) / Layered cake


  • 30 egg yolk
  • 525 gr butter
  • 1 spoon of spekoek powder
  • 300 gr caster sugar
  • 3 spoon of condensed milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilli
  • 100 gr wheat flour


mixed sugar and butter until the butter rises and put the egg one at a time until all eggs are in the mixture. Mixed the spekoek powder and wheat flour, condensed milk and mixed until even. Pour the mixture into baking tray, each layer is about 3 spoon of mixture evenly spread. 1st till 3rd layer baked for 2 minute, then increase the temprature and baked for another minute. 4th layer till the end baked for 3 minute.