Turning around I entered to into the classroom. The classroom I was in Primary school. I was being assigned to coach this other kid, so I had to enter his classroom and takes care of him. The teacher is Ms Sianturi or P.Sianturi, as fat and annoying as usual. I waited until the end of the class before approaching the kid, then some how I need to check him out so I had to flirt a bit with the class monitor to I can checked him out. Not to forget asking her name, which I can’t remember now, something like Dina or similar with long surname like Situmorang or something. I remember she said my name is short and why don’t I make more spaces so it is much easier, and vaguely I pointed to my name tag on my shirt, but it is not my name there, it said Evriaty or something like that which then I recall that I had no time to find mine cause I’m not even in school anymore so I just grab any shirt that resemble my name.

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Alternate Realm

Somehow I manage to get stuck into another realm, it coexist with the current one, some people can see me, some can’t and they can’t touch me either.
I was in a bedroom with 2 kids, playing, for some reason they can hear me and see me. Then suddenly their father who looks like William Dafoe entered the room. I kept quiet and try to hide under the bed, but I’m too big to fit in. After a while he got suspicious and trying to grab me, of course he can’t since I’m invisible to him.
So I got out and half running upstairs. I remember I had some newspaper clipping about a girl, which might have connected me with him. So I grab all the clipping and run back downstairs and throw it all to him, and told him that with all this paper I hoped to be able to find her, and now he can have it all.
Then I run to the bathroom which resemble what we had in Belawan. He is not happy and run after me trying to throw things at me from the top, which I gladly toss away. It seemed that I can be with with those things. That’s when I woke up at 6:30 AM


It seems, like I am in the middle of meeting. It is a wierd meeting where people around are planning on surviving through the week. Charles is there team up with Alice, and it seems that their resource is running low. A few other people is there as well there is probably 6 including me. Can’t remember much of it though.

Bush Walking

Woke up in the morning, preparing for the stroll down the beach in Wilsons Prom. We had half cooked egg and korean instant noodle for breakfast.
Checking out from the Bass view cabin just after 10:30 we head to Wilsons Prom, the first stop was squeaky beach. On the was we saw an emu crossing the road, a kangaroo looking at us from the side of the road as if we are a wierd animal.
The sand on squeaky beach does making squeaky sound when you step on it. It’s got some big boulders on one side of the beach.
Then we head to the camping ground, not until then we know that it is a huge camping ground, and not that busy considering it is a peak holiday season. Perhaps we could do some camping next time.
Equipped with Garlic bread, Satay and and Curry puff we went bush walking. We take the trail from the camping ground to the Tidal beach, then walking inwards to the Tidal river footbridge then climbing up towards the Tidal overlook. Taking the Tidal overlook circuit we arrived at the top overlooking the village and the snaking Tidal river.

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Wilsons Prom

It is hard to find a place to stay which doesn’t have minimun stay period especially during the long X’mas weekend. But it turn out that the place that I booked “Bass view” cabin is great. For $110 you got everything you need for a small self contained accomodation. The place is clean, comes with cookies on the table, with small TV, DVD player. All cooking utensils, an oven, microwave, it even got salt & pepper, aluminium foil and glad wrap. The bathroom is neat and clean with soap and fresh towel. What else could you asked for.
So I plan to have a candle lite dinner, unfortunately there is no matches around. After desperately trying to lit the candle with a toaster (without triggering the smoke alarm) and also the cigarette lighter from the car, Hui decided to get the matches from Joan the host (we should have done it earlier).
So dinner was fantastic, we had oven grilled salmon with oven baked potatoes and some garlic bread. The baked potatoes is resting on top of circles of onions and tomatoes the shaped of heart.
Two candles lit on each side of the table, the red one is scented with some roses or something and the white one is decorated with 2 shape of heart.

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Shaolin Temple

Like all the temple I ever dreamed about, it is always big & wide. This time late Grandpa is there, and the temple had a long tall step to heaven which according to story is hard to climb. So I was doing the ritual & suddenly there is a call from grandpa asking my help, but he is up the stairs, so I climb it and it doesn’t look too hard though it is quite amazing & spectacular. After I arrived on top, I still can’t find grandpa, so I was asking around and being told that he is one more stairs up & behind the altar.

Modifying Sudaco

It all started when Mom & I was attending a mourning of a dead relative. Somehow I was in the middle of a project modifying running Led on the side of sudaco so that it showed how many people going on a destination. I was fine tuning a working prototype with a remote control.
We sometimes order food when one of the guy want to go out & get some. One day he said he was about to go to glen iris to get buffet, so I want as well. Initially I thought I don’t have any $10, so mom gave it first and then I find out I had some, so I paid her back straight away.

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