Modifying Sudaco

It all started when Mom & I was attending a mourning of a dead relative. Somehow I was in the middle of a project modifying running Led on the side of sudaco so that it showed how many people going on a destination. I was fine tuning a working prototype with a remote control.
We sometimes order food when one of the guy want to go out & get some. One day he said he was about to go to glen iris to get buffet, so I want as well. Initially I thought I don’t have any $10, so mom gave it first and then I find out I had some, so I paid her back straight away.

Interestingly Diana who sat in front of me start asking something. Then I asked her what she usually had, she said catering, unless my mom want to deliver, and I said no thanks, belawan is to far. She then started asking me to go out with her, brushing her nose against mine, she said what do I think, so that she can said one day that we had dated before if it didn’t worked out.

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