Bad day

It seemed that yesterday is a bad day, nothing seems to fall in place. It started ok, Hui drove us to Muara Karang to pick up our band. Her Mom, Big aunt, & 3rd Aunt. Then after several hr of hanging around the jewelry shop. Finally we drop the mom’s to TA, and we went to plaza bii.
It started when I make wrong ui at the round about. The cop stopped us & demand for my license. Luckily Hui are fast enough to settle it with 20k, the cop suggest us to turn around back to plaza bii.
After meeting with the broker, trying to meet with my bro, phone dead. Hui mention the wrong direction from bundaran hi.
Finallv we met him in front of the bii tower.
Then we head back to Ta, circling around a few times on the way.
Dropping Mom & Seng in ta to meet Siu Lie so she can take them to Ji i’s place.
So we went to mal artha gading. And guess what, the dress is not even there. After calling here & there we find out the dress is altered but not yet cleaned. So in the end we get them to promise that they will clean it & have it delived to her house. Then we had chance to meet with Sien & her hubby. We ate at the thai rest, the food is mediocre, and we stay & talk until the whole shopping was closed. On the way back we sent hui’s big aunt home. Then staying for a while the rained poured & we went the wrong way again. We end up in kemayoran, after a u turn we finally end up in the right toll way back to Grogol.
After I arrived at home, heard the he & mom didn’t have much luck either. They went the wrong way as well about 40 mins off, before asking Ci Yang to come to guide them.
Then the fire floss that I bought was left in the car.

Unplanned Holiday

Must be the weather, I had a quite long dream, it started when I am talking a holiday with my old mate Harianto and Mul. It seemed that we go to a hotel for a break, still in town, cause I actually plan to sneak back to work that day. But one thing leads to another and I couldn’t go to work, being that day Monday, I need a doctor’s certificate, so I think I am ok, just need to go to doctor.
I thought I didn’t have any clothes when I want to take shower, but it turned out to be in the other suitcase that I am carrying.
So jumping to shower, it is a long bathroom with a small gap between the door, even after you close it. Before I take shower, some one yelled, something about, come have a look. And after a while all this little midget was crawling through the small gap. I am like what the?
So I am out of the bathroom in no time, and Anto was asking whether I want to go out to check out around town, and we take his motorbike. He is willing to teach me how to ride, so I ride infront and he sit at the back, while controlling the brake and gear.
Wierd thing, the motorbike always tilted up and it takes a while before tilted back down. Kinda dangerous stunt.

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I was staying in a house seemed to shared with a few other ppl, including Hui’s cousins and Mom were there along with 3i. One morning I was having problem to find a place to take showers because all of the bath room seemed to be occupied. Then I had to jumped to the other end to find an empty bathroom.


It seems like there is a party going on. Most of people are hanging around at the roof top. When I arrived at the roof, I accidentally open a door to a room, and saw 2 people making out. Susan were there at some point.
Then I was solving this problems, some kind of math or something, observed by my high school physics teacher along with his talented wife.

Casino Royale

Yeah, as the name sounds, but it is actually a gambling boat that stops over nearby once in a while. So I was looking around for it, and then suddenly it appears and I asked Hui to look at it.
Then when I had chance I went and visit it. Sofian just left, so he had to went in again to accopany me. Strange thing you need to pay for the enterance fee again. So he did, then we looked around, it seems like a pretty small boat with all around 6 to 9 table with different games on it.
So I walked around and finally settle on one table, and that’s when I was distracted.

Factory Worker

I was working somewhere in Indo where a lot of the uni alumni worked as well. So one time I bump to Herianto who then asked me whether I had time to catch up. He asked how early did I came, and said that they usually had lunch in one of the restaurant nearby at 12. Strangely Marline were there too, & Meilie as well. I was trying to ask her about something but couldn’t get hold of her.

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Indoor Race

It seemed weird to have a race indoor. It is even wierder to race in the building that is currently under development. The way the race is done is by pushing small car on a sand towards the finished line. Occasionally it will rain and access to the 4 or 5 main toilet is difficult. But there is also 2 toilet next to the sand dune just incase people want to use it. Access to external world is through the main toilet. Heri was working there finishing the building.