Old home

I’m going for a hunt to an old home. It is located at a small town, by the address is all out of wack. You can never spotted the home by the address, because the alley is named differently and the home is in top of another home which looks like a big temple almost.

I look around the home, it consist of a few rooms like a normal family home. Then I decided to walk down and try to get down town. Walking down to the streets is a challenge. It is down the small alleys surrounded by trees and shrubs. I can believe I don’t remember this place. It is some where tropical. Looks like remote place in Indo.

Once I get to the main road, I don’t recognize any of the place or destination yelled by the bus. The bus itself is so run down that it doesn’t have any wheels, just four pillars with a roof. The passengers runs around holding to the pillars, as if they are in the bus, odd or looks like the Flintstones, only no wheels.

So I decided to go back up and once again failed to remember that place. It is near a peculiar building in the mid alley.


I was visiting my son’s school, and there is a kid who tried to shoot me with a slingshot, but he missed and his sling shot also fly away. I attempt to teach him a lesson by taking his slingshot away. But unfortunately my hands was a bit heavy and he grab it first. I endup grabbing my wife’s hand and woke up.


Somehow I had an exam, I had studied all I can, so I’m just chilling out.

On the day I had to went to the place to take exam. We rode a bike there, but we had to climb up, putting our bike first, then pull ourselves up.

I had a friend who asked me a question, and I answered it with confidence.