Japan Day 10 (Hiroshima)

This day is Shinkansen day because we spent most of the day in bullet train getting to Hiroshima.
We checked out early from Prince hotel after having the cup noodle in the room for breakfast. The Prince hotel bus drove us back to Odawara st. I had to reserved another train ticket leaving odawara at 12:09 to Shin osaka. The next expres train from Shin osaka to hiroshima is at 15:19.
We had our lunch at shin osaka st. at Ekimen-Dori. I had tanta men, which taste like curry laksa with belacan.

Japan Day 9 (Hakone)

This turn out to be quite a relaxing day. We head to Odawara st using Hikari train first thing in the morning. At the tourist info center we find out that it is not possible to catch 9:25 train from Mishima st the following day, and the 2 day pass ticket is not that worthed as well because we are spending a day in Hakone & it is a round noon already.
The Prince Hotel bus arrived around 11:00 AM to pick us from station, we arrived at the hotel around 12:15 PM. The is not much stuff to do around the hotel, we decided to have a quick lunch at the curry place & head for the last round trip cruise in Lake Ashi. It cost

Japan Day 8 (Tsukiji Fish Market)

We start the morning with a trip to Tsukiji fish market. We didn’t actually visit the fish market, but the market, since it looked more interesting and more touristy. We had our breakfast in one of the noodle shop in the market. It taste good, then we circle around the market before heading back to Maihama st again since Hui want to checked the Disney Sea shop. It turn out that Disney sea is another train ride away, so she decided to look around the Disney land shop instead.
We had organised a free tour guide the day before and we head to Harajuko st. And had a quick lunch in one of the western style Japanese restaurant underground. I had a steak kinda thing & Hui had teriyaki steak, it comes with rice as well, which makes it very filling.

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Japan Day 7 (Tokyo Disney Land)

Destination Tokyo Disney Land. We took the Yamanote line back to Tokyo st, and then change to Keiyo line. It took a while get to the train, you need to walk passed there waiting escalator, and 2 sets of stairs escalator.
The stop to Disney land is Maihama st. From there Disney land is a stone throw away. The enterance fee is

Japan Day 6 (Tokyo)

We head to Tokyo first thing in the morning. We try to catch an earlier Shinkansen train but we missed it by a few seconds. Mainly because it took us so long to get to Shin-osaka st va JR line & Shin osaka is huge station. So we arrived at Tokyo at about 1:00 PM.
Tokyo station is huge by far compared to Flinders st in Melbourne.
We waste a lot of time navigating around the station. Finally we catch the Yamanote line, but unfortunately the wrong way of the loop, so it took almost 1 hr to get to Ikebukuro st.

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Japan Day 5 (Ise)

Today turn out to be quite a relaxing trip. We start our journey in 9:30AM limited expres train from Namba to Yamato-Yagi. Then changing to Kashikojima line and stopped at Iseshi.
From the station it is 5 min walk to the outer shrine (Geku) the shine itseif is dated back 2000 yrs ago. It is also a pilgrimage to japaneese. We tried to follow a bunch of Japanese tourist, but it seemed that their main reason is to pay tribute & left.
From Iseshi st. We catch Mie Kotsu CAN bus (lucky we found this bus which is covered by Kintetsu pass) to Ujiyamada st. Main reason is to find some local food. After asking the info center, the Daiki restaurant is located just on the right side of the road from the station exit. We get to enjoy the meal in the traditional room with sliding door & tatami. The food is on the pricey end, it cost us

Japan Day 4 (Nagoya)

Our journey starts with Limited expres train to Nagoya which took about 2 from Namba st.
Then we exchanged our JR order to the actual ticket.
After getting some info on how to get to Nagoya castle and Toyota comemorative museum of information & technology we bought the daily past which cost

Japan Day 3 (Kyoto)

We start off our journey to ShinTanabe st in Kyoto area, after a few round the block trying to find the way heading to Shuon-an Ikkyuji Temple, we finally settled to ask the station staff who gave us a map & direction to the temple. After about 20 min walk through the street we arrived at the temple. Getting

Japan Day 2 (Kyoto)

Tiring but exciting.
We start our day with breakfast in Dormi inn, fantastic breakfast I love the salad sauce & the croissant. They have yogurt as well.
Then the journey start in Namba st. taking the Kintetsu train to Kyoto. First we didn’t know that we had to change at Yamato-Saedaeji st. Luckily the station staff was very helpful giving us a map & showing us where to stop to changing the right train. The journey took about 1.5 hr.
Arriving at Kyoto st. we were lost again, Japan’s train station is huge with plenty of different line criss-crossing.

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