Sky net online

We are a bunch of scientist ala big bang. We modified a computer game so that some of the defense tower can be recycled and reused during the game. There is a spy staying in the hotel, and he is being captured for fraud. Then during the interrogation somehow there is a bright light from the space, and he disappeared into the computer game. Bringing it to life. The console can check everyone’s movement using the camera, beaming a small ship to an island somewhere in the world to host it’s data acting as cloud.

Shrinking gas container

I was back in Belawan with Cek and Mom and few others. For some reason, I had to change my pants, so that I won’t be naked. I looked for an undies in my old wardrobe, that’s when I realized that there is a water dripping from the old gas tank, which hangs above the wardrobe. Then I examined the tank, it seemed that it collects plenty of water from whatever. So I decided to drained the water, it came to a big bucket full of water. Somehow the gas tank shrink to very tiny tank, and when cek asked me to hanged it back, it won’t balance and almost fell down.
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Tiny car

I was with mom, Koko and hui. Somewhere at shopping mall which had resemblance of crown. We went to one of the restaurant and sitting on a table having meal. When we want to go somehow Mulyadi came out of no where offering to take us. But he went to get his tiny car that he rented. So I followed him to get his car. Little did I know that his car is so tiny that I can’t even fit one of my leg in the passenger side. So I asked him to carry on. Unlikely that he cannot anyone in the back passenger seat.
Then there is a flood that he need to cross to get to the other side.
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Fingers off

Somehow I lived very close to Charles, and he and Srecko went to some training which resulting on Srecko chopped off all of his fingers. Somehow this doesn’t bother him as if it will grow back.

Driving test

It seems I am taking the crowd to some place to do a driving test. There are mom, my cousins, and cien Koko and her hubby. So at the end of the trip, 2 of my cousins are taking a mock driving test and both of them failed.
Then I am having an urge to go to toilet. And my uncle come and follow me to the toilet.
That’s when I woke up.