Space station

I need a satellite for some reason, and because the will be no longer any shuttle that would Launch the satellite, US will help putting it in orbit from their space station which is within a reach from their end. I went up there to check things out, and giving them a call asking for reassurance that they will make sure things work, and requested small rotator so that if things goes wrong I can rotate it without having to asked for their assistance all the time. Continue reading

Towed away

I was trying to find parking near aunt Lucy’s place, the entrance is in a small alley, and lots of pub nearby, lots of people trying to find the same parking too. I parked temporarily somewhere and came out to find a better spot. I was holding a crutch, and somehow some one is yelling at me asking me for help to get a beer. He is Daniel from high school. When I walked back I couldn’t find my car, and there was a few police and tow truck around the place. I was feeling bad, I think my car had been impounded. Is it still around? Maybe if I asked nicely, I can get them to release it. But I can’t find it. Bugger I had to do without car tomorrow. And I still trying to get Daniel his beer by yelling out in the alley towards the window in the second floor. Lucky t was only a dream.

Back rub

James offered to give mommy a back rub, and he said “Mommy I give u a back rub and daddy u back rub me.” then after a while he said, “Daddy you back rub mommy and I will back rub u.” later on he said “Daddy I want to back rub mommy and you back rub yourself.”

Cup Cakes

This is actually a second try at the recipes. Modified slightly here are the ingredients:

  • 45 gr Sugar
  • 120 gr butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 110 gr self raising flour.

Mix the first two ingredients until all the butter was melted then add the eggs and keep mixing well. Finally add the flour and mix it until it is even.

Thinking about me


We were on our way back from the tulip farm. Jerri was sitting at the back, and suddenly his received an SMS. James quickly asked him who is it from? To which Jerri answered, “It was auntie (his girl friend). Then quickly James replied “Did she missed me?” and we all laughed. Then he corrected himself, “Oh, did she missed you and me, su suk?”

Adjusting clock

I need to change the clock forward due to day light savings. The clock is round, and there is a button at the bottom of it. The clock is hanged high, so I had to climb up to get to it. The transition is not that smooth and I can’t rewind the clock backwards so I had to readjust I forward again for 12 hours to make the time match.