BMW Drive day

Yesterday I went to Philip Island with a bunch of my colleague, for the Drive day. The event starts with dividing us into groups with colours on our badge. My group starts the day with leisure driving around the island with ranges of cars. Alex and I start off with the 740i, this car actually cost over $200G which is nice if you are an old man, then we step of the Z4 3.5 convertible, I can feel the power on this one. then Audi A1 is the next, which is really slow, followed by the new 118d, which have not been launched yet, this new car now comes with standard mounted display but no GPS. Then the Merc C250, which somehow I manage to lock to 30km/hr speed. As the result of this the cars behind me got stuck and I didn’t turn where I suppose to, so I had to step out of the car and hop on to the X5. The next one is the Lexus, which feels normal like any Japs car. The last car we get to drive is the 520d, but Alex did the driving this time.

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It seems that I was in the middle of the JP project briefing. The lady in charged is some sortbof hard ass person. The briefing went very short and to the point with all the key people. Some one did make a comment about having a holiday, which get a stare pretty quick.