Thanks God the Baby were born

After hard pushing for almost an hr, Baby Cornelius was born on 1:02, peace full seing it opening his eyes to the world and taking his first breath of air outside the womb. Hui suffered 2nd degree tear on the perineum, so the midwife had to stitch her up. It is just unbearable seing her like that. So much suffering & pain to gave birth. Time flies, everyone had a chance of their photos taken with the baby. Hui is being transferred later to the maternity ward 31-15. I didn’t get chance to get home until 5am. 3hr of sleep later, I am up & ready to be a Dad.


5:30 Epidural was put on, she seems not to feel any pain, but vomitting a bit here & there, poor thing. I asked her trying to sleep. The contraction seems slow down a bit not so intense. Before was up to 120, now only 40 or so. Hap just called to check.

Last minute shopping

After the monitoring with ctg machine & everything seems ok, while we are waiting for the doctor, we went to quickly buy a phone recharge & buying shampoo from priceline.
when we were back we are just in time to put the needle, & quick examination from the doctor.


Arriving in the hospital at early 7am, we sit in the emergency waiting area waiting to be admitted to the hospital. There is another asian couple that were a bit hectic, cause probably her water broke as well.
So finally she was being admitted to the hospital.
Then there is a confusion where she should be, and finally they put her upstairs at level 2.