Angel is back

Angel, Gary’s girlfriend is back from KL for 2 weeks holiday. I was invited to Von’s place for a little celebration. Apparently she is not there yet, when I arrived, she is not even landed yet. Her flight was delayed, due to error in confirming the ticket. So she had to wait 12 hr in the airport for the next flight.
She arrived at Von’s place at about 10pm, while most of us is ready to go. I was there until about close to 2 am in the morning, and Sharon dropped me home.

Useless Bike

My uncle Hotman come and visit me. So he rent a two seater car, but I don’t have time to use it. One day when we need to go somewhere in the afternoon, my Mom decided that we need to go to Bunning in Footscray first. She suggested we use the bike? and I had to carry mom and uncle at the back.
It doesn’t seems logical, but we try to do it anyway. Mom shuffle a bit to the left end, while uncle only stand up on the right hand side. He said it will be much easier to get off in case of emergency. So I started pedalling, mom making some comment about how busy the traffic will be in a few hours time. And as I gather speed, uncle started to worry and when I cut corner, he jumped off.

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Glow Ring

The glow ring that I ordered from Britain arrived today, in three colours Green, Pink and Blue. I think the green on is the brightest of all. It contain a small amount of Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) which is slightly radioactive and had the half life of 12 years, so it will lost half it’s glow in about 12 years.
Not as bright as I expected though.

Rose & Niko

I was in Indo with Rose, she happened to take her son Niko’s photo to be adjusted. I help her pasting the photos to the window display so that it can be sorted out later.
Later on I was constantly being reminded that I shouldn’t leave the house without a permit, and I’m like what the? Because of the constant nagging, I go and get one from the corrupt police, but since the process takes to long, I just told them that I had one and go out without it.

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Mom’s PR had been approved

There is a the letter from DIMIA stating that her PR had been granted. And She is eligible for the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) for free if she register within the first 3 months when her PR was granted. This will help her to improve her English to a functional level.

Pix Sport LED

Out order from ThinkGeek actually arrive a week ago, but unfortunately Jason is still sick, so I had to wait over the weekend before I got my toy.
Finally I got it today, it is a Pix Sport multifunctional Sports light. I comes with 6 modes, watch, stopwatch, counter, signal, MRD (Motion response display) and Message. I bought it for the messaging part, it is like you can express your thoughts so other ppl can see it, or just to annoy the hell out of ppl. The message part need time to get used to due to the fact that it only have 2 button (Button A and B) to program the thing, and there is no back space, you can only enter up to 30 character. But the LED is bright as anything, I wonder how long the battery will last, from the brochure it say it will last 70 hrs. But only time will tell. However it had a power saving mode and also a screen saver mode which presumably will save power.

Chinese Lesson

I was sent to learn Chinese, so I was in this classroom, among all other student, not really sure what I am doing there cause I jump in the middle of the course. The teacher asked me to turn to some page, which I can’t find in my course book. He insisted that I should be able to find it, then I told him, that he can go and look for it himself, and handed him the book.
Then he was going to test me about the lesson he had been given, confidently I said ok to that, and he start asking me about chapter one, and I am like, errrr….. I mean I can’t explain chapter one, cause you haven’t taught me that. Then he is trying to explain how important it is to repeat your lesson and home, and that’s when his mobile ringing.

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Vonny’s house warming

Vonny called me out of the blue, asking me whether I can come to her new apartment for a few drinks. It is to my surprise a house warming party. It is on 197/28 Lt. Londsdale. South gate apartment, on the low rise end of it.
I arrive close to 6:00 pm and it seems that everybody were there already, Sharon, Kerby, Sofian, Gary and Mike. Later on her bf Ronny arrived with a plant. The finger food taste pretty good, I was so full. Told sofian about the ski trip and apparently he know Yapid, so he called him straight away and Sharon also wanted to go. He said that they still need a few more people so it should be ok.

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