Met Ahong

Finally I got the chance to meet up with Hong. I went to ko-ko’s place with Mom, Seng & Cien ko-ko after filling up the car full tank.
Her son Richard still awake when we arrive. They look so cute all together. One of the girl that stay at their place wanted to ask about studying in Australia & the working environment. So Seng & I spend a lot of time explaining stuff to her. She is going to study at CQU in Sydney. I only manage to catchup a little bit with Hong & we decided to meet again today after her work.
Mom spend most of the nite sleeping on the couch, too tired because earlier yesterday we had to wake up close to 4.30am for cheng beng.

In Changi

I am in Changi transit lounge at the moment and the local time is 5:34 am or something like that. My connecting flight is suppose to be at 7:40 according to my ticket, but somehow on the computer screen it is showing 8:40, what the?
Well an hr delay? hmmm…. that would be quite annoying. Well I guess I just had to find that out. Meanwhile I am typing this log, with free internet, that’s pretty good.

Meet Jhonny

Guess who I bump to this morning, John Howard. I was walking to work from Flinders street station and walking pass the Princess brigde. There is a wheel chair guy in front of me. Before I notice John walked pass me with couple of security guy, and saying hello to the guy in the wheel chair.
I was just too amazed to say anything. I think only here in Australia you can bump to the Prime minister casually while you walk to work.

Half a Snake

I was invited by one of my cousin to a place like a herbarium or something. Not sure what I am doing there, but the next thing I know, someone is screaming there is a snake. And I did see it. It is actually half a snake, the tail was sort of missing, and it’s kinda big too.
I am trying to capture the snake, and I manage to cature it in the Cardboard. Then before I knew it the snake somehow evolved into a person with missing limb.
He is too scared to talk, and I am trying to pull himself together, so he can tell his story. Apparently he is in the place one day and a tree branch fell on him and broke his leg. He survive by eating rats and all other small animals he can find.
I wanted to help him, but he is too embarassed to faces his family especialy his girl.

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Boasting Love

First dream I had when staying over at Hui’s place. I was visited by Mul, he brought his wife & by the look on his happy face, they are having a baby. He handed me a bunch of candy like ornaments with zodiac sign on it. One for each year. confused on the purpose of this ornament, I’m wondering what it is for. He showed me the one he had given to his wife. It is like the symbol of love, and you gave it to your wife when she got pregnant.
I’m thinkin why do I need all this for? I don’t have a wife that’s going to get pregnant any time soon. That’s why there are so many of it, for the future years to come.