Toy R2D2

I was organising some sort of music concert and it is got something to do with star wars thingi. So at one point someone suggest me to get R2D2 for the talk show. I happened to just bought one. So my Boss and I tested it, and we are not very happy with the sound, cause it doesn’t sounds the same, and we are not that satisfied with it. But the time is ticking and it is needed there and then. Finally someone find that the other 3 big red, green and yello button is also functions and that seems to sound much better. And finally we get midget to come out and holding it at one of the audience seat and the camera started to roll and the show goes on with some comedy ask and answer between the audience and the midget (who happens to looks like mini me) with R2D2 as things in between.

SMP Pool

I was visiting my USU friends, but somehow they are working in SMP Hang Tuah? Strange things, that place looks different, the whole yard is being converted to swimming pool, big one, and it is still in progress, so so messy, muddy and all. Pupil still marching like usual in the morning, to make it even worse.
Then I met Husin there, and some one else was there, the one I had met, familiar faces, and while I am writing my address, my hand is so bad at writing that I can’t even read my hand writing.
Then Some how I met Ramli, and he is doing some business with someone, and he seems to have the magazine or some paper that I need. So I xerox the bit that I need and gave it back to him. Then I said goodby to everyone, cause I need to get back to medan.

Wierd Battle

I was in the middle of a gun fight. Somehow I got a gun myself, with it I shot ppl, they bleed spot on but they didn’t die. Earlier I got a varieties of bullet from Granny? some pointy tip one, or blunt ones, some transparent. Wierd stuff, but it is kinda legacy items. So I used it carefully.
At some point I am extending my stay in Indo, staying at a house, which shared the pathway. It is locked up to the teeth, but the side gate is left open? I came home early in the morning and discover all this, so as I am about to lock the side gate, the neighbour went pass it with her car and I am like what the?
Then a split seconds later, “Koko Hidup Baru” came in and check my car? Since when I got a car? asking whether it is a good car. Hmmm…. then she is looking for my Mom.


I was somehow applying a job for a bank, the manager is one years older than me, bright, smart and full of ideas. The bank could have been st. George or it could be Commonwealth as well. Some how some of my friends are there competing, there are 4 of us all together.
The wierd thing is it seems that I am getting through the elimination process. And Willy were there too. He is negotiating his salary there, if I am not mistakes, I heards the 70 figure or something like that.
The job I am replacing is Luke Skywalker’s job or something to that extend of my colleague’s. Anyway, the manager looked at my description and said that somehow he trusted me or something like that.


For some reason I picked up a habbit to take shower in Shopping centre. I was back in Medan since I got hong to accompany me to a some sort of Reject shop. Don’t remember there is any reject shop in Medan, it could be in Melbourne then. Looking around for the toilet, I stumble across Susanto who are helping some students finding accomodations. He said hi, and then left doing his business.
Then walking around more I found some one leg coming out of a cupboard, the messy student accomodation must be adjoining to the Supermarket.
Walking more I found a class room, where Bernard was sitting in front. He is taking Bahasa Exam, more wierd, I told him, I won’t be talking more exam, and left.
Suddently I felt someone nick my wallet. So I run after them, where more people are looking towards that direction. But I can’t find any one suspicious since it was too crowded. I need to turn around and spin back the time, so I snap my fingers, and I am back to the start.

Hectic day

Finally, I am on the last leg of my trip. Back to Melbourne. Some small drama today after getting out from the airport. The plan is to go to relatives’ place, but some how the rain poured down heavily plus the thunderstorm when we arrived at the Paya Lebar MRT station. So we had to get more ticket to get to City Hall Station so we can had lunch, while waiting for the rain to stop. We are almost running out of cash, hoping to find some money transfer kisk that are not there.
Finally getting some money changed and had noddle for lunch. My relative there came and pick us up at the carefour taxi rank at the Suntec City Mall.

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Swapping Mobile

I’m in some sort of lab of some uni. At one stage I can’t find my mobile then I walk back and some one give it back to me. It look like my mobile, same model, same cover but it is brown, with some scratch mark on the cover. It even being named as if it was mine. I stumble across a guy called Ismedi, I don’t know how I know his name. But he doesn’t want me to call him by that name, he is in school uniform for some reason.
Then after looking around 4 my mobile, I saw manase yet decoying as a school kid and coloured his hair gray, shocked & surprise. He showed me Robin, who now worked in KIM. Then there are hordes of them. Some familiar faces, but I can’t recall their names.
After chatting 4 a while, Manase finally took his wig off to show his true self. I give him one of my name card knowing that I had only two cards left in my wallet.

Waiting 4 bus

Probably the most boring thing on the trip is waiting, it seems that the day is dragging. No more shopping today, too much shopping yesterday. Just walking around town. Mainly in the Central shopping centre. It’ll probably best if u can speak the language like all trip. Now we are trying to waste half an hr more waiting in the Sakol hotel lobby.
It is now 3:30 and yet the van is not here yet, they are not that on time after all.

De ja vu in border

I’m having another de ja vu. At the Thai border when the driver asked every one to get off and go through the immigration & then he told everyone not to give any money to the officer. Just before everyone get off, I had it, my bro & I was in the last seat.

Head to Hat yai

Woke up so early this morning about 5.30, showered and had breakfast. Ordered the wrong dishes again, ifu mie the ingredients taste good, but the noodle is a disappoinment, small & looks like indomie, should have listen to Mom and ordered the duck noodle soup.
Head to the market to waste some time, bought some ham cim piang and some cake, the vege looks pretty fresh, much fresher from Aust even. The shop that sells jade worth looking at.
Waiting for the van to pick us up, bored senseless. Hoping it arrive soon.
Pretty much toll way all through, the bus stop over at a restaurant for lunch, we didn’t had anything cause not hungry.