Windows 2003 AD

I had been on AD course this week, which is great, mainly you get to learn the new things about Windows 2003 AD structure and all the strength and how it all interconnected to each other.
I wish I had this training course earlier, and that would have solve most of the problem that I had during our company relocation. The instructor is uber geek and well, he know his stuff especially to do with cisco networking. He even type DVORAK for christ sake, Utilz and Appz does mean something.
I realise that I had been out of uni long enough and not getting any training at all, and that’s what makes things getting dull. The training keeps you fresh and feel more confident in doing your job. Should try to do this more often.

Big Lightsaber

I was in toy’r us in Richmond & picking up a few starwars toy. For some reason I want to borrow a big plastic light saber. After the check out Sofian drove me home, Mom is in the car as well.
We arrive in Belawan station where we had to buy 4 pass/ticket to get through the street. Sofian had the idea to return the light saber straight away when we found the first toy’r us store. I try to explain how I got it, and the guy allow me to return it there but he need my credit card. When I gave it to him he laughed and asked 4 debit card instead. So I handed that one, meanwhile, Christina came out of no where. And I asked her when is the party, she said it is back in Indo, but I said the party here, then Indra was there too.

Promotion material

I was an observer in one of sponsored cultural event. The event was sponsored by 7 or 8 motel & hotel. The event was a big success, and all the sponsor had full occupancy during the event.
Some how I went through the hall of
fame. I scroll through the event organiser, I recognise some of them, and one of them is Mulyadi, posing with jacket & a chinese fan. The is a touch of jealoussy that slip into my mind, but I get over it quick.