Visit from Poly mates

I was visited by Samuel, Cut, Heriadi. We have a good chat about where people are, I asked Sam where he lived now, and i told him that during my last visit, I tried to call out, and no one answered. He said that he lived next street up.
Heriadi is happy to settle in Pekan and Cut is somewhere in Medan. I told them I had quit a tight schedule on my next visit on march. I was thinking to show them a fe spot in Melbourne but realized that I had grounded my Beamer, so I would have to wait for another time.

Japan Day Three

We start early at 9:00 AM, so getting to office is easy. The morning session is filled with cultural background of Japan. What is acceptable and what is the norm. Yes, can mean no and collectivism culture of the older generation.

We went out to lunch with our Buddy, and end up in one of the restaurant underground from Tokyo station. I had some noodles with rice and chicken with Mayonnaise.

The afternoon session continued with JP colleague.

Japan Day Two

I start with an early breakfast. I choose the buffet, which was fantastic, I was sitting on the 24th floor at the far end of the restaurant facing the window towards the rail track. I started with Croissant, and a bread, then followed by the wedges and a fish. Then the second round of salad, salmon dishes, fabulous mash potatoes.

We then all went to the station and buy ourselves Suica card so that we can take the train to Tokyo station. The card cost 2000 yen. Arrived at the office, we jump straight back on to the workshop where we left off yesterday and continuing to map the test cases against the week. Then we break for lunch.

Japan Day one

We arrived in the morning, and there is a confusion whether we should go straight to the office or to hotel first. Initially we are meant to take a bus to Hotel, but somehow we end up in Narita express going to Tokyo Station.

So after arriving in Tokyo station, Paul called Sabine which are still having breakfast, and she find out that the room is not ready until 11, so the option is to go to office. I had to jump straight into the test orchestration meeting straight away.

Lunch was interesting we went to stand up sushi bar, which is quite unique, ehre you are standing up having sushi and you can just pick the sushi you want, and the chef served it fresh.

After lunch the workshop continue, what I had originally plan to catch up with Dave and Harada now is out the window. We spend the whole afternoon mapping the test case into the week they are going to be executed. We left the office at about 7, and several people is giving us the look. I would never do this kind of exercise again.

We had to catch a cab back to Hotel from Tokyo station, and for dinner, we decided to go to the pub just outside the hotel. It was sort of the irish pub, where I had some scallop pasta and 2 rounds of beer. It was me Dave and Paul, we later joined by Peter who happened to stumble into the pub as well.

Council office

I end up parking in front of council office, because I need to check what is so special on how they implement the security. The guy explained all to us, somehow Johnny was there investigating too. And the guy show us how his meeting room wall is quake resistant.
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Fix no sound in Firefox flash

try this out bud… go to Start/Run/ type in “regedit” (without the quotes)…..

click on:
Hkey_localmachine/software/microsoft/windowsNT/Drivers32……. you should have a string named wavemapper…. if you don’t, on the left pane where it says drivers32: right click/permissions/advanced ………on all the ones that say Deny instead of Allow, highlight the name and click edit… then under the heading Allow check the full control box ….after checking all those you should have wavemapper as a string name in the right pane along with a bunch of new names as well……go to youtube and give it a shot