Council office

I end up parking in front of council office, because I need to check what is so special on how they implement the security. The guy explained all to us, somehow Johnny was there investigating too. And the guy show us how his meeting room wall is quake resistant.

Then he also show us a bunch of other things, then as I was about to leave, I realize that I parked in 1 hour spot. And not surprisingly there was a $122 fine on the windscreen. So I decided to stay even longer, and went back in. Somehow Ernad was there too, and I’m trying to show him the picture that he took. Then we all took group photos with council staff. Before long, it was getting really late. Then as I walked back to the car, someone is sitting inside and there are a bunch of paper glued to the windscreen, most of them offering some kind of help or lawyer service. And the original fine is gone, and there was a note from a guy for me to call so that he can give me the bsb no.

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