R/W Linux volumes from Mac

To get Ext3 and Ext2 support in OS X, just download the Fuse-ext2 driver from this Sourceforge page and install the package. When you reboot, you should have read access to your Linux drive.
While the drive does support reading and writing, it’s set as read-only by default. You can enable it by tweaking a configuration file, but I will note that while many have had success with this method in Snow Leopard, it keeps throwing me an error when I try to write to the drive, so your mileage may vary. To make OS X mount the drive as read/write, just navigate to /System/Library/Filesystems/. Right-click on the fuse-ext2.fs file and hit “Show Package Contents.” Then, drag fuse-ext2.util to the desktop, right-click on it, and hit “Open With”, choosing TextEdit when prompted.
Use Cmd+F to find the line that says OPTIONS="auto_xattr,defer_permissions" near the middle of the file. Add ,rw+ to that line inside the quotes, so it reads:


When you reboot, the drive should be mounted as read/write. Note once again that write support is a bit buggy in this driver, so just be wary.

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Snow Leopard Update 10.6.7

This is the second attempt to update to 10.6.7. Yesterday’s update was complete failed, the install screen stuck on 40% and keep increasing the install time, I even leave it open overnight, but this morning it still saying approx 14 hours to finish or something stupid like that.
So I decided to give another go, and this time, it took about 1/2 hour and it is done successfully. The shutdown failed, so what the heck, I just reset it. The first attempt to book cause the computer to restart, so the second attempt is good, and I am typing all this on the new 10.6.7.

Polishing the Tiles

Once the grout is done, the tiles needs to be polished within 24 hour to make sure that the excess grout that stuck on the tile are removed. This only takes 1-2 hour to complete. Make sure you look at the tile from different angle to ensure that all hazy spot are polished and shine.
I also took off the soap holder and give is a quick brush to clean all the existing mold in there.

Re-grouting my shower

Just finished clearing the old grout from the shower that started to chipped off. I noticed that the corned is half grouted and half silicon. What the? So I cleaned the corner up so that it can be grouted and then I will apply the silicon on top.
The job took about 1.5 hour to clear the existing grout, then about 4 hours to re-grout it all. This is including the cleaning up of all the tiles after the grout is complete.

Shiny Snow Leopard

Just get around to test the OSX Snow Leopard that I had installed a few months back. The result is quite impressive, I had the sound and graphics working out of the box. Unfortunately the on board network card is not working, so patience is a virtue.
Installing the Kext for AttansicL1eEthernet20090322 brings the network to live. Voila now I can start playing with the Shiny Snow Leopard, the eye candy is cool, widgets are fantastic, even my son like to much around with it.

James & Games

James seems to be able to interact better with computer now. He can browse though ABC website and play the games (I mean playing the games properly like adult, building robot and actually complete the game). His mouse skill is excellent, I only taught him once about click and drag, and he can do it flawlessly.

Home Renovation

Tips on doing home renovation:
– Kitchen is the most expensive, so should start with this, shop around and find the right price you want. Go to Bunnings, get some stickers you can start layout design your kitchen. Bunnings website and Ikea’s website had online tools that allow you to design your kitchen too.
You will need electrician, and plumber for the gas, powerpoint, sink connection etc.
– Painting the room, before painting all walls needs to be cleaned with sugar soap, make sure it is clean before applying the paint.
– Tiling & Grouting, because you will need to wait 24 hrs between tiling and grouting, you will need to plan this. You will need to seal the grout too, and allow 14 days to make sure the grout is dry.
– Floating floor, this will takes about 2 days because of the cutting and measuring.