Pie chart

I met couple of my uni mates, LG, Corey and Wern. We are in some sort of Chinese class which are taught outdoor. Sitting with a bunch of small kids.

During the break, I asked Corey whether he still works for the company in Malaysia, he said yes, and he had to do this Summation pie chart. And I volunteered to explain the the pie chart to him. I draw a round circle and then we got interrupted. Continue reading

Wrong building

I was working in the new building and it seems to be at level 4. I was walking up and down, as usual and at one stage notice a few of the meeting pods and it seems very nice.

Then I was on my way down, I walk pass a few unfamiliar faces, perhaps new hires that came for interview, I thought. So I keep going down. It seems like I had pass level 4 without realizing it. I was in the lobby, so oh well, I just have to take the lift up again.

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Bogus domain registration

I was helping a friend to register a domain. By registering a company first. The company is registered by calling a number in the Pokémon card. The first time we call, we end up taking with someone that is buying a company. Then we find out that there is a password that we had to tell the operator, so we had to try it again.

The second time around we manage to get through, the operator told us to wait, then she seems to be calling someone else to perform the action. All of this is done from the lead we get from a small kid riding with a bike who assist people setting up a company for $10 along with the domain name. I get to know the Pokémon card from an article I search which shows the photo of the kids and an half burnt Pokémon card, which someone had done a forensic on.

Rice noodle

James bought us some rice noodles to share with Hui. It was so yummy. We had to heat it up with the match stick, and then let it run through the conveyor belt and at the end of the conveyor belt we can taste it. It taste so good that we want some more.

James actually bought 2 serving, one of the serving get stuck under the conveyor belt. So I took it out and Hui start eating them eagerly.