Pie chart

I met couple of my uni mates, LG, Corey and Wern. We are in some sort of Chinese class which are taught outdoor. Sitting with a bunch of small kids.

During the break, I asked Corey whether he still works for the company in Malaysia, he said yes, and he had to do this Summation pie chart. And I volunteered to explain the the pie chart to him. I draw a round circle and then we got interrupted.

A bunch of kids just walked pass us with their teacher. The teacher was notorious for walking pass classes with her student. Our teacher told her off so that she won’t do that again.

Then our class stated and the kids started to and a song about wee, LG got excited and needed to wee. I had to explain it to someone the reason he need to wee is because the word in the song.

Then somehow Wern appeared, he was sitting with Corey in heavy discussion, when he then around we shake hands, starting with left, then right and also try to Clap legs. Then I woke up to the sound of the ducted heating.

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