Wrong building

I was working in the new building and it seems to be at level 4. I was walking up and down, as usual and at one stage notice a few of the meeting pods and it seems very nice.

Then I was on my way down, I walk pass a few unfamiliar faces, perhaps new hires that came for interview, I thought. So I keep going down. It seems like I had pass level 4 without realizing it. I was in the lobby, so oh well, I just have to take the lift up again.

I was held up by a bunch of kids that are on excursion. So I had to wait for the other lift. When the other lift open. I stepped in quickly only to realize that it only goes from level 1 to level 5 then all the way to level 20 something. Then I realized I was in the wrong building. So I stepped out trying to realize what had happened, perhaps I went to the roof and must have crossed to the other building.

Oh well, I would go out and find where I am in the street level so that I can get to my building. In the way out I saw the most beautiful sunset. The sky was getting dark but in the horizon there are orange and purple hue, so fascinating. That’s when I woke up.

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