Smacking Ghost

I was looking for house, I think. I end up in a construction site, and play with the crane to move some stupid block down the drain in the middle. The trick is to get it to swing and then swing hard enough to get to the other side where the drain pipe is. It is too far, so it is fell down not even half way.
Then inspect the property in front, which looks like old haunted house sort of thing. Old brick, looks quite empty.
Some how out of no where, one of guy is possessed, I think, and I had to fight him with a broomstick. I smack him right in the mouth when he came out of the door.
The broom stick doesn’t seems to be doing any damage, so I had to use a metal pipe to do some real damage.

Hi Profile Syndicate

I was in school, after hour train to be lawyer, dirty lawyer who can bend the rule. Thinking how to print using computer.
Moving from school to hotel, where a wanted person just escape. After I took shower, police came in & doing eye
scan on me, cause they were looking for the wanted person.
Moving on to the Syndicate’s hide out downtown, a big house with few escape route, the enterance is like egyptian labyrinth.
We were going to have a big discussion, so everyone enter the lair from tiny fire escape stairs, the stairs was overlooking to the market, it actually can access the market, unmentioned escape route. People are passing some soup on top of a broken car nearby. One of the syndicate asked whether I ever imagined all this while I was a kid. I think, I did imagined that on a smaller scale.

Console Shop

I was in a street somewhere in the shopping joint, could be in Indo or HK. There is this shop that sells toys, books, manga accessories etc. Which also happened to sell console games.
Apparently I know the owner well, and used to hang around the place. So one day I was in the shop looking around and spotted they had double console holder for wii guitar heroes, which looks slightly small, but it comes with all the attachment etc, mostly I don’t know what they are for.
I over heard the owner was bragging to one of his customer saying that if you really love your son you should buy him this.