Late for Exam

I am in Medan, I think in Yong Koko’s place. I am in a hurry to get to uni for exam. For some reason I had to wear an red shirt on top of my white shirt. I was taking my time and before I know it the time is already running fast, and yet I still haven’t got all my things organised, there is always things I forgot, belt, shoes.

Goxg Xi Fa Chai

Yeah, Chinese New year. The time when family gather together to spend a quality time. We spend about 2 hr talking to relatives in Indo this morning. Nice to be able to catch up with everyone again. Apparently Cien koko go a tummy ache, and Juliana also had a similar thing. Apart from that everyone is quite happy and joy. It will be nice to be able to catch up again when I go back this coming March, can’t wait….. It’s only less than 2 months away.
Then went to Temple for New year’s prayer. Gosh it is very very smokey, I can’t even open my eyes.
Then stopping by China town to see the crowd, listen to firecrackers and watching the Lion Dance. Mean to catch up with Hui, but she gone home straight away without stopping by China Town.
Had an idea on the way back to register a domain name, but can’t get it done cause I can’t remember the security key, darn it. Might have to give them a call tomorrow or something.

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Federer on push bike

I think I was somewhere on Melbourne Park talking to Lynn. The we saw federer riding a push bike passed us towards the gate. Wierd, I thought, didn’t he had a match coming up?
Then we heard the announcement asking him not to leave. He looked towards us, then before I knew it, he ride passed and jumps over landed on a leather couch behind us. Unbeliveable, is he trying to hide or showing off.

Jerri is Back

Jerri arrived last nite, on a hot, humit, 33 Degree Australia Day. Not sure why he choose to come that late. Well I guess probably cause he had to work that day.
It is nice to have all the family gather together for Chinese New Year on Sunday. We haven’t spend as much quality time together as we had hoped.
But at least this will make it up for something.
Mom is busy preparing for small prayer today. Dinner will be fabulous tonite. Not to mention tomorrow. We will have a feast, hmmm…. feast.

Australia Open

Just came back from Hap’s place. Temperature was stinking hot at 42 degree, and today is not much different either, it feels like being inside the oven, no difference at all. I think you can easily roast a pork outside. Watched couple games of tennis at his wide screen 42″ Panasonic plasma screen. Baghdatis was awesome. Watched the first 2 episode of “24” the fifth season while I was there.

Fish Pond & Broken Egg

Late Granny was looking at a fish pond sample in front of our house in Belawan. She liked the unique design which looks like an upside down of a metal table, where the fish is being kept. But the funny thing is the fish is all dead and being put on the side of the pond, to sort of block the other fish from running out. Not only they are dead it is also being deep fried, the big fish looks like a baramundi and the small one is not so clear. She is not quite sure what sort of if, so in order to confirm that she asked me to call Mom to check what sort of fish is it. So I called Mom and she came to have a look. Being doubtful herself she said that they should try the texture of the fish by tasting it a little. I am like ??, so they did, and it seems that the big fish taste a bit funny. And the texture is not firm and tender, it is sort of broken texture. I wonder how she is going to put all things together they way they are, considering the pond is actually a display pond setup by other people.
I was being asked to buy some eggs. The wierd thing is I am holding some ancient coin for the payment and the shop seem to be somewhere in Sumatera street at nite. So I walk pass the shop that seems to have egg.

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Fake Birthday

It is quite fun to have a fake birthday, It all started when I am entering my profiles in stupid friendster, it doesn’t accept the thing I wrote, and I lost all of it, so I decided to fake everything there. It turn out to be good, so Gary spotted the fake birthday and we had dinner last friday in Den something or rather in Lt. Bourke St. Von, Sonny and Lidya were there too. Quite full after the meal, the meal is not too bad either, it is in one of there restaurant we never went in, just walked passed sort of thing. Then we head to a mediteranian pub that is empty close to LaTrobe st. Have a few drinks and then head home. Gary and Sonny is planning their holiday to Cambodia or Laos, cause Sonny is going back on April.