Diner with Pikuan

Just came back from dinner with Pikuan, Sofian, Andrew & Fifi. Pikuan is going back to Medan tonite. As usual we go to Kum Den 2 in Chinatown, Sofian’s favourite place.
Had an interesting discussion about various topics, business opportunity, how crappy Indon telocoms are, how fast China is developing, India, and alos Moscow is growing and started to boom sort of thing.
Sofian told me that Trevor White, RMIT union’s manager is quitting RMIT. And his last day is tomorrow. Wow, that is a big news, I guess VSU had bigger impact that they originally thought.

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Got a new bed

Finally, after exhaustive searching, we found the bed, plus the matress of course. We finally get it from Bedshed in Nunawading. Cost just about over 3 grand. The delivery cost bit more $55, but we also bought one single matress. So all around, I just blow the credit card again. Well what do you know, things that needs to be done is done. That is one less thing to worry about.

Big House

I was staying in this big house. First I thought it belongs to me but apparently it isn’t. Got a big hall like a hotel lobby, spiral staircase. At one point I was pointed that the ceiling might need some cleaning, cause there were some mole and splashes of white water paint.
One point, I was rushing to take shower, and it seems like Hap also want to had shower, but no worries the are more than one shower.

Finally my VPN works

Yay, finally after stuffing around with it for a long time, it all worked. I think the problem is the routing. After I force my leech box’s default gateway to my linux box, it all works like a magic. Awesome, now I get get to my box anywhere. Only the small problem will be if the local class C is the same as the one at home, it will refuse to play. I guess I just have to change that one. No drama.

Nicole’s 1 month celebration

Time flies and yesterday was Nicole’s one month old celebration. So many people are there. It fells very much like home. I think Tim settle in pretty well. I think at least 60 ppl were there. Nicole is the center of attraction, being picked up here and there. Wilson & Wenty were there, they still had no luck with the ivf thing. The food is super, seafood, ribs and it is a lot. No body can finish it.

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I was back in uni with all my mates, Dhalsim, Samuel & a few others. I was in the middle of summarising a topic about some history. Keep getting distracted. Most of them had fancy phone, so we start comparing them.

Racing competition

I was in the middle of some sort of rat race. At one poin we are trying to distract members of the gang by organising some sort of quiz. Then asking them to come for a test, 6 at a time.
Then there is this game which we had to win 3 game out of 3 to impress the boss. We had win 2 and the last one is a car race. The black lady is the top gun of the car who try to tease me. We try to substitute the blond driver but she refused.
Then I was in this Buddhist temple where they had a spinning platform with all the zodiac doors on the outer circle and you’re suppose to exit your own zodiac while the platform is spinning fast. The is three level of the platform. I manage to get up to platform 3. But fail to exit via my zodiac because it spinned so fast, and I landed on ox instead. So the monk said I can continue my practice later.

Washing Hair

It seems kinda weird but I’m back to school. But this time it seems that I had a phobia of entering the communal shower. So I had to wash my hair in the classroom and doing it bit by bit when the class is over. Then some one suggested that the communal shower should be empty too.
So one day I decided to look for it. After I found it, I entered and I saw a girl just finished drying her hair & still wearing a bikini walked out the other exit. But this is the guys’ shower. Oh well, I think I’m just had to continue my shower since no one is here.

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