Unwanted Exam

Somehow, I was just about to sit in an exam. I was a bit late when I arrived and taking my time when taking out the stationary.
Just when the exam is about to start a lot of ppl is protesting about how bad the subject was. Personally I had a lot of fun with it & couldn’t care less with what happened.
Out of sudden all of us stood up protesting loudly about it, to make sure all other class is doing the same.

Hover Car

I promised to help a bunch of revolusionarist in plotting some conspiracy. It all goes well & when the day come, it seems like there is no one that can be the designated driver for the hover car, so I had to try my best to manouvre the car, along the way we picked up two more person. And just when we think we had to sacrifice someone due to overweight, the car took off. The old man flashed a medal with my name on it, & I was touched.

Accompanying Hui to work

I went to Hui’s office in Dell’s return department. So I had to called in and told my office that I’ll be late.
When she introduced her colleagues, one of them was Danny. Then Ingan was there as well. And Cut who I mistakenly as Polges.
Not sure what day it was but we are hanging around canteen, where I stumbled upon Virgo, who change his gender to a gal. Then Siu hun as well. In the end she drove a scooter with me on the back. I arrive in town which looked like belawan that covered with salt and transparent stone to simulate snow.

Seng & his Fans

We are expecting Seng coming back from Indo, and somehow all his friends know about it, and were eager to meet him as well. So they all gather around, which mainly girls and waiting for him. Mom & I had to tell them all that Seng is delayed and won’t be back until the next day. That’s the only way we could meet him uninterrupted.
As usual he spend a lot in buying gift and nonsense stuff worth a few grand, only to pose them in a new cupboard.