Racing competition

I was in the middle of some sort of rat race. At one poin we are trying to distract members of the gang by organising some sort of quiz. Then asking them to come for a test, 6 at a time.
Then there is this game which we had to win 3 game out of 3 to impress the boss. We had win 2 and the last one is a car race. The black lady is the top gun of the car who try to tease me. We try to substitute the blond driver but she refused.
Then I was in this Buddhist temple where they had a spinning platform with all the zodiac doors on the outer circle and you’re suppose to exit your own zodiac while the platform is spinning fast. The is three level of the platform. I manage to get up to platform 3. But fail to exit via my zodiac because it spinned so fast, and I landed on ox instead. So the monk said I can continue my practice later.

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