Mad Robot Dog

We are celebrating a festival, and there is a symbolic dance performed on stage in front of a crowded room. The dance was performed by a robotic dog.

The dog looked brown, and made out of leather, which makes the body looks like a pinyata.

It all went well and after a while something strange happened to the dog. It started to act strange, shaking is head and opening its jaws. And then all hell break lose when it started to charge towards the audience. Every one was panic including me who sit at the front we all run towards the exit, I looked back the dog bite one of the audience and started to charge towards the crowd again.

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I went to one of the night club, and meet a bunch of people, seems to be quite a friendly bunch. At one stage we took one photo together and then say good bye.

I went back to the station to catch a train back then I realized that I don’t have my wallet in my back pocket. So I rushed back to the venue and the guy let me in to search whether I had dropped my wallet. I searched from run to room and the wallet is no where to be found. Then I realized that I might have put the wallet at my front pocket, and round about the same time I woke up.