I was planning to enter some sort of marathon which starte from Brayan to Sp. Kantor. Mom and Nana was with me and are eager to join as well, so as a starter we took a bus to old st in Labuhan, and start walking towards Belawan. I came up first at the end of old st, and start looking for Mom and Nana which just finished as well. But then as we plan to take a bus back to Brayan to start the marathon, both Mom and Nana decided that they are not coming, too tired. Suddenly Nana jumped on the bus going that direction.

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I don’t know whether this is my expectation or just a Dream’s play. We are suppose to have meeting with Alan, and Jamie handed in his resignation, and most of us is dumbfounded. We lost sense of direction on what the heck we are suppose to do next.

Adventure Tour

I was joining some sort of adventure tour where we had to get dirty on most occasion. On one I took off my shoes, then they asked 5 ppl to share tractor with 5 kid’s seat, on top of the hot engine.
Next thing I know, I was sharing someone else’s sad story in the library, I fell asleep soon after, then woke up when someone asking me a question. They weren’t very happy I slept through it. James come and fetch me with Hui.

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Back at Poly

For some reason I was back at Poly doing some electronic project from scratch. Got to do the PCB, then the circuitry. The pcb need to be done on the same day, so creative measure needs to be taken.
At some point I was piggybacking Dhalsim to see something. Then the lecturer assessing our project, complaining on how bad the quality of the project is, especially the pcb. We got fine mark on the pcb, but I think it should be OK only, since we are not using any tools, jus paint to cover it up.