Back to Uni

I was in the middle of briefing of something and suddeniy my phone rang. I rejected the call.
After the briefing, I checked the call log, it turned out to be Ingan.
The next day I went to uni and met him in the waiting room. Opposite him sat Mompo, whom I haven’t seen for ages, so I greeted him.
When I turned around to the other set of sofa, I spotted Heriadi & Ahdiat were there. Then they sort of shuffle to our sofa and we start to chat about the test we are going to take that day. I said I haven’t prepared much cause I fell asleep while trying to study the other nite. But I felt confidence somehow cause the lecturer knows me well.

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Julio the Crabbie Brain

It is a vendetta between a husband who divorced his wife but trying to keep their son.
The matter was solved under court order after trapping the husband into showing his hatred towards his son. This was all setup and a person named Julio was involved. I personally guarantee his safety during the struggle. Things went worse after the court, there is a fight and Julio lost and had to escape by transferring his brain inside a crab.
I manage to get hold of the half cut crab in a pot, clueless what people was screaming about ‘save Julio’. Depearately I ran and there is another crab and I showed the dying crab to it. To my surprise it crack open the dying crab and spilt it’s brain out. Apprently they can some how put that brain back to Julio?

The Agronomist

Eng called me out of the blue asking whether I want to catch a movie. I said yes cause I had spend half a day fixing my tv box up to a point that it is usable. So I meet up with her at the fed square info centre. She was 5 mins late.
The movie was actually a documentary about a democracy in Haiti, and not about some outer space movie like what she had told me earlier. It turned out to be quite an interesting movie mainly about a guy called Jean Claude Dominique, who run a radio station in Haiti through out the political struggle in the country, being exiled twice to US.
He supported a priest cum president who he thought would bring peace & uphold the democracy for the people. But in the end he was assasinated right in front of his radio station.

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Exchange Student

I was in some sort of exchange student program with a bunch of friends. We are there for some sort of aid program.
Destination was Korea. The place was in a remote area. Before we start doing anything the students happened to start a protest action. So to blend in all the exchange student are going to join the protest as well. There are alot of student who went to protest.
But because we are exchange student, the teacher didn’t allow us to go straight away but gather us around and then asking us one by one, whether we really want to do this, because we don’t have to involved in local affair. When my turn come to be asked, I answere yes. So she let go of me and we join the line of student who are going to the rendezvous location.
We had to skirmish around jump over high fences and up through a broken fences, half sommersaulting. Then it come to a point where we had to half jump and pull our self up to the roof of the building. Because of the heavy use of the emergency ladder and rope. It was worn out and the rest of us can’t get up to the roof of the building and we are stuck. So we gather around trying to figure out some solution to our current situation.

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Get together

Arriving at Flinders st. Station at 4pm sharp, I saw Craig before he saw me. Rapee called me earlier, checking whether we are going to be on time. Shamila called as well saying that she was in the city looking for car park.
This is the first time everyone was on time. We decided to go to melb central to meet shamila & have lunch, or dinner. We end up having dinner in Japanese rest on melb central walk path.
Then we decided to have coffe at Max Brenner. Struggling to find a seat we endup sitting outside where Daimaru walk path used to be. I had a nice chocolate served in a fancy cup with candle underneath, and you can make the chocolate as thick as you wanted.
Rapee was showing us her photos from her trip to Paris & London. She spend 7 days in Paris & 3 days in London.
Moving along trying to catch a movie but nothing suit us, so we decided to check out ‘Strike’ to see whether they had any free lane. It turned out they are fully booked until 12. So we went to had a beer instead at ‘3 degree’. Chatting a way Rapee got an interest to go back to new zealand, so I might have to start hunting for cheap ticket again.
Hopping on a train, sitting next to two Indian who play Indian song on mobile phone I lost interest in the ‘starwars’ book that I read, an that’s when I started writing this blog.

Back in Indo

I was back in Indo at Yung ko-ko’s place. I was writing something with my no.1 Rotring pen and suddenly my pen broke. So I was shaking it hoping to get it to work. Then I was scurrying around the big table looking for some replacement ink. Finally found the ink, it seems like it is being open and played around with.
Half mad I asked my aunt who had muck around with my ink. And she said it is probably my cousin.
A little bit upset, I refilled the pen, and tuck away the ink mumbling.
Went to market which looks like ‘Pasar ramai’ went to a shop with heap of stuff hanging on string in front of the shop. I think I was looking for my cousin Devi, but couldn’t spot her. Then some one told me she is outside promoting sheep skin to customer.
Sitting next to Jeffry looking at something exciting on laptop, or gadget.
In a reception table with Hong, I spotted something, then told her about it. For some reason she is shortsighted, very bad. So she pulled out her super thick lenses that looks like a bottom of a bottle and try to spot the thing I told her about.

Dream log 050525

Wierd dreams, I went home from school to Surrey hills, but the house is still locked, so I had to bunk at one of the neighbour’s house opposite & pay a small fee.
Funeral in a temple of some sort.

Dream log 050518

Random dreams about fixing my hacked pc. My brother’s pc is getting hacked too. Managed to fix it, overwrite the”init” file, but the problem remain after reboot.
Wearing an oversize “firebat” suit from starcraft. Throw away the suit cause it is too hot & not comfortable.
Scanned & found various worms in several occasion. When trying to delete the virus the computer locked up.