Julia’s Shirt

The old late Grandpa’s tuck shop was now attended by several people, and one of them is Von. For some reason I went there to collect Julia’s shirt, and Von was trying to point me to the right one, while there were so many customer. One of them might be Sofian & he was asking me whether I had her number, and I said I don’t, will get it next time I saw her.

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Last Exam

Seng just finished his last exam, and I still got one more to go. I asked him to go through a few items on my scratch book. Before I realise I’m running out of time. So I dashed out for the station stumble upon a few familiar faces in Belawan.
Finally arrived at old school, can’t find a way into the exam hall, my feet started getting heavier, and I finally find the back way along a few rotten stairs which I had to be very careful not to tip over. Then finally endup at the end of long final queue. But Junan & few others were hanging on a balcony like edge. Which at first he didn’t allow me to join but finally let go after asking me to help him on the religion exam. The we found a manual hoa to open the window so we can get in.

Stone Insects

I am excavanging some site nearby to find something. As I try to brought it home there is a road block, right at the traffic light. I almost try to passed it, and being stop. One of the big guy with one big arm & one synthetic limb explain why I shouldn’t. Then I can pass it and on the way home I was sliding through the hill in some sort of device like a tobogan.
Then finally I endup near the hole that I dig. Looking around I found a stone grasshopper, and the is suddenly plenty more. I feel something grabbing my balls, and at my back, I slowly take it off & it turned out to be a spider, stone spider, with black & white spot. Then there is stone crab and more grasshopper. I try to cover the hole before all the insects run away.

Finding ring

We are shopping around for the engagement ring. We’ve been to this singaporean woman’s shop at least twice. She almost ignoring us, while Hui asked for this and that & recalcute the price per carat. She told me that it is about $55 per point. I had a quick glance at what photos she is looking at. And I suddenly notice that, aunt A chun is there, and told her that she is my aunt. The lady the asked me whether we learn chineese in Indo, I said no, and she said my aunt had a good knowledge of chineese language. I try to say something and almost chooke, so I asked where the toilet is. I nee to clear my nose, so I walked in the bathroom and start to clear my throat, that’s when I woke up wanting to clear my blocked nose.

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Upside down

There seems to be an earthquake, I was sitting on the toilet which located next to the bed, seems weird, I should have flushed it, before all hell break loose. But I didn’t, then it happened, the world turned, slightly in the beginning, then upside down before it settle on a slightly slanted position.