Finding ring

We are shopping around for the engagement ring. We’ve been to this singaporean woman’s shop at least twice. She almost ignoring us, while Hui asked for this and that & recalcute the price per carat. She told me that it is about $55 per point. I had a quick glance at what photos she is looking at. And I suddenly notice that, aunt A chun is there, and told her that she is my aunt. The lady the asked me whether we learn chineese in Indo, I said no, and she said my aunt had a good knowledge of chineese language. I try to say something and almost chooke, so I asked where the toilet is. I nee to clear my nose, so I walked in the bathroom and start to clear my throat, that’s when I woke up wanting to clear my blocked nose.

Earlier, I hop on to tram with Hui, and bump to Indra & Christina, they seemed reluctant to tell me where they are going when I asked. We all hop down at the next stop. All people hop off the left hand side, for some reason Hui want to hop off the right hand side. And she managed to do so squeezed through the driver’s seat.
I can only see her after the tram passed & asked her to come across the road.

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