Melbourne Show

It is weird that I dreamed of going to melbourne show. I went with Mom, Seng, Cien ko ko, Atio, Ayen & I think Hong is there as well.
Right at the end there is a show that is setup in a hurry, I think it is about cow demonstration, & we decided to watch it. So we had 3 tix pre paid that can be used, & I had to get extra 4. The tix cost about $20, and just as I submitted the money the show started, so I asked Mom & the rest to go first while I settle the money. Somehow the guy must have counted it wrong since I summitted only $60. He then asked me for my entry tix, which I had to fetch from mom. Then he would stamp it all. Rushing to the show from the side enterance, I distributed the tix, just in time for the tix inspector to show up & check it. He was pondering about one of the entry tix, but I ensure him that I just get it from there. The underneath stick is from Pekan baru, mom said.


I took Hui for ultrasound yesterday. It looks very pretty and the fetus is now about 2 cm. It’s heart beat is about 170 beat per minute. And sound so beautiful. I still can’t believe that I’ll be a dad soon. According to the ultra sound it is 8 weeks 6 days old and the due date is 16 Nov.