Shopping day

First stop is Jl. Mesjid, to visit Betty’s mom, then from there to Perniagaan st. to change some money. From there we go bck to Pasar Ramai again. Mom went to buy a wok, and then we go to Thamrin. I bought 3 shirt and 2 t-shirt.

Spotted some nice jumper for James which cost 90 thousand Rupiah, so bought that one too. Had Tau kua he ci for lunch.

Smooth entrance at the airport

We met a relative during the transit from Singapore to Melbourne, she is Aki ipo’s sister from Hong Kong.
When she is out there is someone already waiting for her, and we kindly asked him to include our passport together, it is a win win because it makes her came out faster because we have indo passports. the airport is full off army forces, this is due to the protest a day before.
Cek pick us up and then took mom to see the dental doctor then from there to have duck miehun in Sun Yat sen. After that we went to Cien koko’s place.
Then I borrowed wie’s car to o to pasar ramai so mom can shop for Cheng Beng. I manage to buy a pair of pants for me at matahari.
From there I circle aroung town to get familiar again with the road and visit XL center to activate my BB.
From there I drove aroung to find Maluku St. In there process I found tk pangkas and had my hair cut for 15 rb. Then we are back to koko’ place.