Spend the whole day yesterday on HK disneyland. It seems pretty small. Watched the Lion King performance. Didn’t bother to queue 4 any ride. Only take photos with Minnie & Mickey.
At nite stopped at Mongkok again 4 some last minute shopping. Only managed to find 3 screen protector, 2 for Ixus & one 4 my ipaq. Tired all over, almost can’t walk.

Sight Seing day

Started with yam cha with my uncle & family. We head to Tsim Tsa Tsui & The avenue of stars. From there we cross to Hongkong with ferry which cost $2.20. We then stroll around the island from Statue square to exchange square which full of Phillipino, so crowded & noisy.
Then from there we head to Wan Cai the Electronic city.
Manage to get Seng’s underwater case for $1430, none of the shop have it, except one.
From there we stroll along some fake toy joint called Tai Yuen St. Bought some mickey shake head & kitty. I get my self some figurine which cost $60. I am drooling over the Megatron which cost $448.
From there where we head to the expensive & fancy Jumbo restaurant. One of the dish cost $370 which consist of fried egg with sharkfin & beansprout. To be honest it doesn’t taste that nice.
To get there can be done by bus 75 & 72A.
We almost catch the last bus & the last kcr back. By the time we arrived at the apartment, the door already locked, luckily Hui called the caretaker to give us the code.

Groceries Heaven

After a big breakfast at the local restaurant, we head to Haizu Square, plenty of things to see, so many things to buy from fake final fantasy figurine to cheap mobile carry case. You need to know how to haggle to be able to get a good bargain.
Then we stop at Thien He, electronic shopping centre, manage to get a bargain of 2 gig sandisk sd card for Rmb160, about $30. Didn’t find any security camera stuff, perhaps we didn’t look hard enough.
Experience the squeze rush on the train system when we try to get back to East Quangchou railway station. Almost missed the train, and now sitting in the train on the way to HK.

Greenery Cafe

After along day of walking, started by queing more than 1hr in china bank to change money. We head to Yiu xiu, getting lost trying to find the statue of 5 ram, we finally circle the garden, taking heaps of photos. Stop over @ mariot shopping, expensive designers brand. We randomly take bus that passed Sun Yat Sen memorial. Feel lazy to walk in cause the main enterance is closed in the evening. Then we head to Beijing lu, but on the way stopped at fancy restaurant called Greenery Café, had squid that taste fantastic & jelly fish that also taste good. Pity the bamboo rice with steamed frog is absolutely tasteless. Now waiting for dessert which hopefully taste good.
They did have some of the fruit so we cancel the dessert. Then we head straight to Beijing Lu, shoppers paradise. Hui manage to get a few clothing items. I think I called the fried chicken giblets skewer. Didn’t taste that good.

GuangZhou ahead

Our train just passed Shilong station on the way from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. We had lunch earlier at Shenzhen with Hui’s big auntie & uncle. They are kind enough to tender us to Lo Wu border & help us to book the hotel.
We settle in to Furama Hotel. It cost ¥300, I think it only cost about ¥268.
China is developing fast, and big, we pass alot of rural area.