I was back in uni again, with my mate Ramli, but some how, I was trying to catch up with him. Then he need to do something. Then I asked him to had dinner together, and we went to tuck shop near the uni, I was ordering the kwetiau, plain. While he was about to order crispy pork and barbecue pork rice.


We are watching Asterix while some one is reading the story out and I am trying to draw it on a story board. Somehow Jerry is trying to borrow my car and we are at my Nan’s house back in indo labuhan. Then Jerri is asking me how to turn off the car. And that’s when Lee arrived with Brendan. We shook hand cause we haven’t seen each other for a very long time. Then Hap was there too asking how much it cost to fix a land rover which rego had expired. And it will cost $1000 as what the dealer had quoted according to brendan.
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Big mansion house

I left my jacket to some one so that they can attend a party, then they didn’t bring it back. So I have to go opposite the road to get it. The house is so long, old Greek design, more like a series of boxed building made from stone. But boy it was a big house. So many rooms, but mostly with minimal furniture. I remember going into a big spacious toilet, with toilet bowl in one corner, and the other side was the basin with table and chairs. Odd and then they have a sewing machine in the toilet too, what the?
After trolling around, I can’t seems to locate the jacket. Then another party arrived, and the host is setting up the second round party.


I am having 3 exam back to back in the rooms that were next to each other. At the same time the freshmen in poly are getting oriented to the university. I was expecting to meet some of my mates like Husin or Agus but none of them were there. Later on I find out that they had planned not to come.
After the exam finished, I thought I had forgotten to submit the first two answers that I had to run back to the second class to submit them. But then the lady who look after the exam convinced me that it wasn’t possible to get out of the first two without submitting my answers.
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