I am lost, it seems that I am back in the market area of Seoul, but walking through much more crowded area with lots of people selling some stuff in the market, one of them yelling, “is this Rolex real?” and I just ignore them. Then I was in Yung koko’s house and staying with the rest or the boarding house. It is much more crowded now, and at one point there was a big street celebration selling all sort of stuff from Japan an for some reason the house is full of stuff as well and it is fully decorated with lights, but because it was already late we turn the lights off.

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Transit in Taiwan

I am sitting in departure lounge of gate B4 waiting for the connecting flight from Taiwan to Bangkok, this become crappy flight, I thought I don’t have to get off the plane? Note to self, don’t ever take small connecting flight, such a waste of time. Even though there is a free wifi and my phone can roam here.

Inchoen airport

Currently sitting in the free internet lounge in Incheon airport. Surprisingly this is quite empty, not bad none the less. Almost the same as Singapore airport. Also talking to Hui on Skype via my mobile phone. I think I need to get a new phone that support skype better, like Iphone or something. Time to boarding now.

Last day working

Went to lunch with JK and Eungkyung, they took me to a small restaurant but they serve many things, start with sushi, assorted Kimchi, korean rice cake with chilli sauce, fried egg fried rice, and intestine stuffed with noodle in another chilly sauce, fried squid, potatoes. The lunch only cost w20500, amazing.
After the project wrap up, we all went with Shankar to a nice italian restaurant called Ian’s, Shankar thought the name was Number Nine, so we walk 10 minutes to this number nine, and found that there was a wedding reception held there, and then we walked back to office and take chances to find Ians’, and in the end we found it. The food was very fancy, all the entree served in small portion with nice decoration, we start with some italian bread and black squid bread, then an olive, cracker, and a tiny piece of crab meat served in tiny egg shell, then some carrots, tofu, asparagus served in a very fancy cut, followed by assorted fruits and yogurt, grapes and the like, then the main is spaghetti pasta with cheese and seafood, very nice indeed.

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Springroll is back

I had been waiting for the springroll to be back on the menu, and today it did. So I had the usual, donut, smoked salmon, croissant, salad, cherry tomatoes, then sunny side egg, springolls, dumpling, hash brown, and closed with beef porridge.

Vietnameese noddle

Just came back from buying snowboarding jacket for Hui, it cost w165000. I stop by a vietnameese restaurant next to Hak-dong station and having vietnameese noodle there. It is served with beef and brisket, with beansprouts, vietnameese springroll, and some preserved white radish. It is quite spicy after I pour the chilli sauce into the soup. It cost w8500.

Sashimi Lunch

Just start the day with the usual breakfast, Croissant, smoked salmon, salad with cherry tomatoes, then some dumplings, hashbrown, and porridge.
We went to Japaneese restaurant for lunch, and we had sashimi, it is served in a plate with one shrimp and one fish sushi, then in a bowl with fresh vegetable, full of raw sashimi. Then there is also assorted kimchi and seaweed, and peach juice. It cost w8800.

Spicy soup for Breakfast

Somehow I was dreaming about ordering breakfast on a pub, and I order what is the menu for lunch, because it is delicious spicy soup or something. The lady reluctantly allow me to do so. Otherwise I would have to had cereal like everybody else. Mom was with me as well.

Spicy cold noodle

Just went to checkout a few jacket for Hui, can’t find anything that she likes in Hak-Dong station, so I went back to the street where they sell all sorts of ski gear, and have a second look at the spyder jacket. Then luckily the shop assistant can speak a little english this time, so I manage to pick up a snowboard pants for w185000, and I also see the snowboard jacket for Hui, but only taking pictures for her to consider.
Then I went to the Myeongdong noodle shop to have dinner, I had the spicy cold noodle, served with kimchi, it cost only w4500