This morning, I had to rush my breakfast, because I don’t know how long it will take to get to Gwanghwamun st. I had croissant, smoked salmon, salad and biscuit, then beef porridge, fried rice, hash brown and french toast. The guy who usually serve people with fried egg, wasn’t even there yet. No one to serve tea or coffee. I just noticed this morning, that behind the bread, there are a nice beautiful fountain. This morning was raining, so lucky I had bought an umbrella, so no need to waste time for that.
The bus stop is quite close to the Gwanghwamun st. I almost walk pass it, the tour guide speak quite a good english, despite she admit only speak a little english. Apparently she work 4 days a week. Anyway the bus stop one at terminal so people can catch some breakfast or toilet break, the toilet was packed, you had to que. We arrived at Hanok village around 11:00 AM, quite punctual, the village was more of a town now, it seems that they rebuild most of the houses and keep the old one if they can, and any new building is build with traditional style, what a clever idea. So I started from Suldoga-gil, then down to the tourist info center on Taejo-ro, asking for direction to Gwanseongmyeo, shrine to Guan Yu, but according to the guy, it will take at least 1hr to walk up there, so I decided to skip that, so walking along Taejo-ro, entering Gyeonggijeon, taking few photos with Jeondong Cathedral as back drop. It was around 12:15 PM, so I decided to stop for lunch at one of the eatery in the corner of Paldal-ro and Taejo-ro. I had bibimbab, which cost w8000, I think this is not very original.
Then continue on to Pungnam Gate, turn right, the street is full of shops, at the end of the street, Jeonju Gaksa, next to this is street street that is desired to walk, pretty much like Myeong dong, but not as crowded. Lots of couple walking around, and I make a turn and I saw w1000, can’t resist the temptation, I went in and browse around, buy some spoon and chopstick set for James, Hui and me, then pick up a fancy sticker.

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Visited COEX Mall, basically it is shopping complex, conference centre, trade centre, all in one stop shop. Because I arrived the a bit late, around 8:30 PM, most of the shops are closed, but the fancy shops are all still open, so I browse around a bit in a shop that sells fancy useless stuff, like key rings, cute USB charger, cute USB stick, but a little bit pricey though, then I walked pass the food court, the food court is basically rows and rows of restaurant which looks really nice, but not feeling hungry, I march on walking into a department store that sell laptops, ipod charger, ipod case, some kitchen stuff, papers, stickers, so I pick up one cute sets of stickers for James, and I also pickup an interdental brush.

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Same breakfast

Having almost the same breakfast, croissant, tiny piece of bread, cracker, smoked salmon and salad with thousand island dressing, then followed by noddle soup, a sunny side up egg, 2 hashbrown and some dumpling.


Had 1 slice of pizza and a few piece of chicken in the office, apparently they celebrate birthday who were born in April, the pizza had a Korean touch to it, with prawn, broccoli, potatoes and some chopped mint leaves, I think.
Then I head to Myeong-Dong, it is basicly the whole street full of hawkers who sells fake brand, I think, CK undies, Gucci, a few fancy shops that sells beauty products. I had a fried potatoes that was cut like spiral in a skewer cost W2000, then I get some Crepe with Kiwi sauce, not as yummy as I thought, perhaps I should get the chocolate one, this cost W3000. Then on the way back I bought some dumpling that cost W4000, I still haven

CFS Team lunch

Just came back from a nice lunch, in a fancy korean restaurant with private sitting room on the floor, sort of Japaneese style. The lunch is served with assorted Kinchi, vegetables, steamed egg, jelly fish, basil leaves, rice noodles, seasoned blue swimmer, pumpkin soup, fried fish, raw seasoned fish, vegetable soup (I think at least 3 or different kind). The rice is served in a hot stone bowl, where you had to scoped the rice out of the bowl and put it in your bolw, then pour some water back into the stone bowl, then close the list. You are suppose to drink this water later on when you finished your meal, this is meant to ve healthy for your digestive system.

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Ginseng Porridge

Had a long conversation with Eunkyung regarding the previous experience with CFS roll out in Australia, even down to the details of what is wrong about the DB design, quality of use cases, the short time frame where everybody needs to work with. I can only see the reflection of what had happened in Australia, and suddenly I had a de ja vu. This happened when I showed Eunkyung the Australian project plan for CFS roll out.
We had dinner at a restaurant that serve porridge, I decided to try the Ginseng porridge, quite flavourish, and as usual with any restaurant in Korea, anything is served with Kim chi, some soup heavily flavoured with vinegar, and green fresh chilli, onion and garlic. She paid for my dinner again, and when I questioned, she said that I can paid for hers later.

Japanese Style restaurant

Just came back from lunch, we had lunch in a Japanese style restaurant where the you had to sit on the floor. I had rice with beef, obviously it came with variety of kimchi, seaweed soup, chilli paste, and some preserved vegetables. In the rice itself contain some bean sprout, fresh cucumber, fresh lettuce.

Fried rice

Breakfast with croissant, orange marmalade, 3 slices of smoked salmond, salad with thousand island. Then I had some fried rice, dumpling, sunny side egg, hash brown, and mushroom porridge. Finished with some fruits.

Clams at Dongdaemun

I took train to Dongdaemun st. then exit and taking a stroll down the Dongdaemun market, most of the shop are closed by that time, because it is around 8:30 PM. But there are a small stall selling deep fried squid, some noodle wrapped with seaweed, and potato cakes, so I decided to buy some, and it cost me W2700, not bad. So walking along the street towards the west, I stroll pass some interesting traditional food stall, and I found clam, fresh clam, so I decided to take a bite, the owner don

Lunch in Cafe

Today having lunch in the Basement cafetaria, no menu selection, just pay at the counter W5000, and get the assorted kimchi, pancake (which looks like egg), chilli, kinda bulgogi and bowl of rice and noodle soup. It is quite filling.