This morning, I had to rush my breakfast, because I don’t know how long it will take to get to Gwanghwamun st. I had croissant, smoked salmon, salad and biscuit, then beef porridge, fried rice, hash brown and french toast. The guy who usually serve people with fried egg, wasn’t even there yet. No one to serve tea or coffee. I just noticed this morning, that behind the bread, there are a nice beautiful fountain. This morning was raining, so lucky I had bought an umbrella, so no need to waste time for that.
The bus stop is quite close to the Gwanghwamun st. I almost walk pass it, the tour guide speak quite a good english, despite she admit only speak a little english. Apparently she work 4 days a week. Anyway the bus stop one at terminal so people can catch some breakfast or toilet break, the toilet was packed, you had to que. We arrived at Hanok village around 11:00 AM, quite punctual, the village was more of a town now, it seems that they rebuild most of the houses and keep the old one if they can, and any new building is build with traditional style, what a clever idea. So I started from Suldoga-gil, then down to the tourist info center on Taejo-ro, asking for direction to Gwanseongmyeo, shrine to Guan Yu, but according to the guy, it will take at least 1hr to walk up there, so I decided to skip that, so walking along Taejo-ro, entering Gyeonggijeon, taking few photos with Jeondong Cathedral as back drop. It was around 12:15 PM, so I decided to stop for lunch at one of the eatery in the corner of Paldal-ro and Taejo-ro. I had bibimbab, which cost w8000, I think this is not very original.
Then continue on to Pungnam Gate, turn right, the street is full of shops, at the end of the street, Jeonju Gaksa, next to this is street street that is desired to walk, pretty much like Myeong dong, but not as crowded. Lots of couple walking around, and I make a turn and I saw w1000, can’t resist the temptation, I went in and browse around, buy some spoon and chopstick set for James, Hui and me, then pick up a fancy sticker.

Then I explore the main st, nothing special there, there is film street, which at the moment is celebrating Jeonju int film festival, and I stop opposite CGV cinema, and the festival is basicly movie marathon, but you get to rate the movie. So continue on I pass the street of youth which is like rows of fancy gift shop, then on to wedding st, this street are full of bridal shop and jewelry shop, quite classic and quiet. From there I turn left on to china town, but it is quiet street, a few restaurant, and a few herbal shop, and passing the market on my right, I decided not to go in. At the end of the street I turn left and I am back at the south end of the Hanok village, continue on Hyanggyo-gil, I went in to Hakindang, then pass Jang hyeon-Sik’s old house which surprisingly looks new. So continue along I went to Jeonju Hyanggyo then at the end of the street turn left and climb up the stairs which lead to Girin dae-ro. From here I walk up north and saw a staircase leads up the hill so I decided to climb up, it is like a garden, where children can play. This will be a very healthy excercise, then I continue along the path down to a look out, a bunch of teen were busy taking photos, and asking me to take their photos. From there I went down and saw another set of staircase on the opposite side of the road that leads up to Omokdae, so I climb that too. From there I take a short cut down to Omokdae-gil, and walk along it till I reach Gyeonggijeon-gil. I turn right then right again to Taejo-ro, from Taejo-ro I turn left on Eunhaeng-ro passing the Choi Myeonghee Literary Museum, at the end of the street, I turn right to Choi myeonghee-gil, then turn left at the next intersection, this street had a stream of water on the side with stone frog at the end. Along this street there is a 600 yrs old ginko tree which is free from any disease. Then I took right turn to small alley passing the Traditional life experience park, and there is one sign that say home stay, and they also sell home made cookies. So I decided to go in, the husband and wife owner is very nice and the husband speak good english, asking me where I am from, and telling me that it is brave of me travelling on my own. I bought one pack of cookies, which cost w3000. Contiue on, from there I am back on Suldoga-gil, and my water is all finished, so I decided to go in a small mart and get a bottle of water for w500. I then walk back to the bus stop just around 4:40 PM.

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