Building an automation

I was in Mul’s place in the middle of building a computer. I am sourcing some parts from home which seems to be looking like a microphone. But time didn’t permit. I had to teach. The time is about 3:30 and I had about 30 mins to get ready. And I was thinking to finished it at home instead of coming back to his place. So I’m packing up to load things in the car.

Then saying good bye to his mom. She mentioned that our teacher was sick and asking me to find out where she is at get home. So I promised her that I will call her when I got the info.

Drone testing

I was on the street looking at a few things. Put of a sudden a list of things falling off from the sky. It was a rows of weapon like rain, but coming down in a row. With the final one is like a concrete combination of a mortar and bomb and rockets the like that sealed by cement. I can play and reset it couple of times.

The second one I encounter is a helicopter drone that appears on the roof, it can be controlled using gestures. Closing you palm means hold, waving it mean move forward and so on. You can also change the shape of it to be a ball like so it is like the star wars training drone.

The last one was quite special, heavy and transformable drone. It is the shape of a robot and that transformative to the heavy artillery unit. The transformation is a bit clunky, and the battery consumption seems quite high due to all the mechanics. After playing this for a while and trying to get it to fly it went back to the base.

That’s when I realise it was a dream.