Far side

I was being told that I had the capability of Gary Larson, and presumable I’m in the wrong profession. It started with me telling jokes about the south African Olympian who shot his girlfriend. I said that he probably in the wrong sport, he should be in shooting sport instead.


Mom and I was in some sort of class, which is continuing. There are a bunch of tourist that was in the class too. They apparently travel from one country to another as a group and selling things along the way, and also buying things along the way. We are somewhere in china. Walking pass busy street listening to the bird chirping. Some people including the policeman was using some bait on their shoes to attract the bird to come down, so that we can see it clearly. The birds are migratory bird which flew pass on seasonal basis.
In the class we are being asked to mingle so that we get more socialize and not just sitting with known people all the time.

James is missing

We went to Victoria market this morning to get 2 dozen of oysters. While I was busy paying for the oysters, suddenly my wife asked me where is James. I shrugged, shit where the heck is he? So Elisa went one way and I went to the other, and finally she found him because some one phone her. Apparently James tell her my wife’s phone number. Elisa had been trying to ask James to memorize her number, but he keep getting distracted and not able to remember it.
One thing we learn, is no matter that it seems they didn’t remember what you had ask them to remember, eventually it will stick. This is proven today, James remember Elisa’s phone number and the Chinese new year song she had tried to teach him for a whole day. Even James himself was surprise he can remember the song.