Samsung Kick for a Million

Yeah, seems that I’m in luck winning the Samsung competition “Kick for a Million”. The prize is still to be determined by luck dip on the nite, watching Melbourne Victory VS Wellington Phoenix.
So they set us up in a Hotel, which suppose to be Crown Promenade, but can’t secure the place, so in the end staying in Hilton on the Park.
It was nice, Hui and me checked in after I knock off work at about 1.
The nite started with dinner in the founders club, which is good, since I never been to any corporate box before. Dinner was fantastic, the game kick off at 8:00 PM, and it was a great experience watching it live, you can see the whole field, the only draw back is no zooming.
We all get changed to our Melbourne Victory Jersey, and get down to the field, mission 2 goals in the process, because we had to walk half way across the stadium to the to the field.

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Loosing Tooth

Yeah, another one of my tooth came off today, had to book emergency session with the dentist to had it extracted. Even with the insurance it still cost me $79, I reckon it is a scam.
Well let’s hope the rest will stay there.