Koko is here

Koko and family arrived here on Sunday nite from Sydney. I manage to get 2 days off to entertain them around Melbourne. I wish I could take more time off, but unfortunately Paul is on leave.
Monday morning we went to Mornington Peninsula, then to Sorrento before crossing to Queenscliff. We missed the ferry by a few minutes, so we had some lunch, while waiting for the next one. Then from Queenscliff we drove to Torquay, Anglesea and following the Great Ocean Road until Port Campbell. The sun is shining bright, and the wind is cool breeze. Nice day for the trip.
We head back just after sunset, we stop over for KFC on the way back, and arrived home at close to 12 pm. I think I must have taken one wrong path on the way back.

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Back in the Belawan house, inside the back room upstairs there is a box, the luggage box. One day, a kid, a baby can make a person disappeared and that person will end up trapped inside the box. I don’t know how I discovered that, there is some sort of interference, and I can hear the person’s voice. When I heard the interference again, we manage to find that Mul is in the box. It was a close call.

Playing Chess

My bro challenge me to play chess his way, that is who ever win had to pay. So I set up my own rule, that you need to draw a cart from the deck, and the lowest one had to play the move and also eat one mouthfull meal. He got a sidekick who work with him.
Suddenly he and his sidekick somehow got injured, and we had to find a hospital at the end of town. With the help of my gps, we located where it is. The weird thing is we came to the end of a peninsula and had to cross a small creek, then a water activated bridge which get tricky after we pass halfway through because it got stuck even after the trigger had been activated. The trigger is a pouch of water which needs to be drained from left of the bridge to the right side.

Bike Track

I accidentally enter inside a bike racing track. Bryan was fixing some guy’s motor bike. I’m just about to jump out, when a guy told me that it is over my league. So I didn’t and do some fancy manouver with the bike. Mainly stop & hop the back or front across some low bar trying to impress 2 girl that are lying down nearby. Then I feel that I need to check the tyre.

Ring Evaluation

I am holding a diamond ring & a ring inherited from nana. Walking with me is Sofian, we walk into this ring shop and asked them to evaluate the ring. She then told us that it is 16ct, and made of such & such, she then accidentally drop the other ring. And she seemed to be surprise by that other one, that she thow a pair of dice a couple of time & spin drop the ring. The ring seems to spin faster rather than slower around a non seen axis.
The software mentioned something to me in indo. She started to speak indo too. She told us we could rent any jewelry for any occasion. Sounds interesting.


It is overtime day at ACC, my bro was coming down. So again we compare calculator. His was broken so he bought a new one. We left a lot of stuff after hour. Mostly clothes & bike. It seems that Simon put all those outside because the space was rented out after hour to the korean family as a cloak room.
I grab some of my clothes from Anastasia then I pee a long shot to a bucket near her. A maid crossed it, and she moved to do something. I had to stop before it hit her.

Physics Review

It seems odd, I keep going back to uni. This time is when there is a revision on Physics. Mom were waiting inside the building. The enterance is a bit odd. There is a series of white powdered stairs and ramp, where u can slide before you can enter. Finally I arrived inside. The lecture is about to start. I had to compete with a bunch of china people for the seat as well as the notes. Because there is not enough notes, the lecturer mentioned that whoever had the note needs to to the report, then they started pushing the notes toward each other. I just stay calm, and the lecturer asked why, I said no big deal, with or without notes, I can cope with both.
It seems funny that the lecture demonstrated about ‘ngaben’ to all of us. Then mom offered to take his picture with the subject which he gladly accepted.

Missing book

It seems that I’m back in my highschool class sitting next to harianto learning one of the subject taught by Mr. Murat. I didn’t photocopy book 6 & book 7 like he told me to. Instead I only copy 6. So that day we are near the end of book 6, suddenly everyone stand up & start singing something from book 7. Mr. Murat is standing next to us while we are busy flipping pages. When I realise we don’t have it, I told him that we don’t have book 7. He then whisper to me that whenever he asked us to copy something, we better copy them all and not only half of it. In the end we couldn’t sing because the song is so blur that it can’t be read.

Bbq at auntie Kim’s place

Despite that it was quite windy we manage to had a good bbq at auntie Kim’s place. Quite a few of ppl were there. I am as usual in charge of satay. Yummy, the coal takes forever to start up, I used almost all of the fire starter. But once it is going everything runs smooth. Manage to cook over 100 skewers of pork & chicken satay. The chicken skin was beautiful. The yellow rice is nice. Gado-gado is not bad as well. Sambal is good.
After all is done, we manage to play a bit of Mahjong. More complecated than I thought but it is a start. One of the auntie seems like an expert. We went home at about 6. Then after dinner pick up Qi Qi, then sent Hui home, and came back home.