Fitness Lesson

There was four of us, who takes some lesson from some one who looks like Vikky, the weird part is we are all taking it in a small room the size of confession room.
One day she tried to squeze 2 more people in, then it seems like more is coming. Rather than schedule them for other time she also tried to do it all. So I put my foot and scolded her and throw them all out.
Some how we end up in a class that looks like a chemistry class. I still had time to joke about our old book, which had a question about a stupid quote in front of the book.
When it was home time I had a hard time trying to find a matching pair of my boots. It seems like the right pair keep switching to the left one.


I was in belawan, driving & picking up people, and we are going towards the station & the sky is dark, very dark & I spotted that there is a huge wave coming towards us, first thought would be to go back home, what a silly thought, so suddenly I feel I’m in a rickshaw squeze with everyone. I thought I better let loose, and the chance of survival might be better. Funnily I can fell rows & rows of wave passing by.
Survived that we are in an emergency camp. Seng were there & he is too busy playing drum & singing with local kids. When he stopped he turn around to this other local who was badly injured, he only had a small cut on his right leg damaging 2 little toes.

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Testing Ram

I was in some computer shop run by 2 guy & I’m trying to sell them some old ram. They had this Ram tester that I use to test the Ram. Unfortunately not all the ram are still good. So they only accept the good one. I asked them how much is the old 512meg ram, and after a while they told me that it will cost $700.