I was in somewhere remote. It could have been China or Penang. I was driving my car as fast as it can be. We went to this relative’s place, where the house seems to sunken down from the road. Funnily 3 kopo & her husband was there.

Short Courses

I’m being sent back to do some courses in hope to be able to get some certification. It started with some basic course that are pretty boring, then escalate to more technical one with exam in between.
After all the generic one we are about to enter a technical course. The class is located in some weird floor with slimy stairs. The room looks completely filthy. The instructor started to teach and he talked about variety of fish which look quite funky. One of the fish had it’s tail interlocked with another which means it’s got 2 head at both ends.
I had to shuffle next to Harianto to be able to take a good look at it. I tried to take a picture of the fish but suddenly the instructor lifted it up and squeeze the fish so that it will bite him. He said that is how the fish mean’t to be used.

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On a Cruz

It all started when I board a cruise ship. I am on board with Mom, Cien koko and there is one more person, kinda blurry, perhaps my girfriend. The cruz is headed to the middle east. Sounds like a wierd place to go for a vacation. Mom asked me for direction at some point, and I went to the deck to check with my watch. I pointed about 10 – 11 o’clock to tell them where we are heading, and I also mention that the ship might be making a turn so I will have to check it again later.
Some how we all endup in a room, big room decorated with snapshot from the movie, all align along the edges of some sort of table with candles. I saw some poster of horror movie, and thinking of watching them, and then on second thought, I know Hui might not like them.
It seems that our journey is like the one in Tintin’s comic book, can’t remember exactly what is the title, but more likely it is “Crab with golden claw” or something.

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Messing with triad

I was in some sort of flashback. It started when we walked passed a door to meet my mate’s brother. He is in the middle of haircut. Then suddenly some guy appear and asking for money or something. There is a fight, 2 girl that looks familiar were there.
Gone back to earlier that day, I was driving around with 2 other mate. The we stopped in front of a car with 2 girls in it to get some food. One of the girls is throwing some insult to my mate about the way we park our car. My mate commented back with similar remark.

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Bat mobile

I own an old bat mobile, which stuffed with stack of load. I was driving around another town and had to wash some clothes in a laundromat. When I came out and after making a small turn, some one stole my clothes. After further investigation, it was the next door kid. So I pay them a visit & demand my clothes back. The woman wanted to charge me $1000 for it. It turned out that they are illegal immigrants , so I demanded my clothes or I called the police.

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Somehow I was in some sort of monitored training environment. Two of us had been given same amount of fund and we had to double it to some extend. It seemed to be working for me but not for the other girl.

Rimini Bed

Our bed arrived on Saturday and I spent some time yesterday to install it. It is definitely big which makes the room tiny. There are some scratches on the bed drawer, and after calling the Bedshed, they said they’ll come & fixed it.

Shop Attendant

Somewhere in the city, I am working as a shop attendant with a couple of colleague that like to kick back.
At one instant the is a big celebration in the city, the whole city is blocked out with green cloth. I think it is Melbourne’s anniversary or something and John So is the mayor. I need to get to my car to buy something for Hui, I think it is pijama, but my car is parked at the end of city. So I had to walk pass where the ceremony is and listen to John So’s speech.

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Back teaching

I was some how setup to teach. I think this time is a slightly different material. Combination of computer & skiing lesson. I remember drawing a slope to the beginner on the blackboard and telling them how to comedown, it seems like some sort of excursion.
The computer’s config is not perfect. Some dodgy one doesn’t allow you to access the network property that I’m trying to show.
At the end of the day, I’m going home through back door which looks similar to our house in Belawan.