Shop Attendant

Somewhere in the city, I am working as a shop attendant with a couple of colleague that like to kick back.
At one instant the is a big celebration in the city, the whole city is blocked out with green cloth. I think it is Melbourne’s anniversary or something and John So is the mayor. I need to get to my car to buy something for Hui, I think it is pijama, but my car is parked at the end of city. So I had to walk pass where the ceremony is and listen to John So’s speech.

I walked pass The Age, and they had a facility to cancel your subscription. So I punch in and cancel the subscription I made earlier that day. It spit out a piece of plastic with watermark of the map of my addres and text details about the subscription I just cancelled.
When I get back to the shop, I showed that to my colleage, but they are not so impressed, and asked me where is my lunch, cause they are going out to get theirs. I told them my lunch is encoded in the plastic that I just showed them.

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